Warrior ★★★★

Warrior is an american movie released in 2011 about two estranged brothers whose  forced to enter into a mixed martial arts tournament to settle their rifts and bury the hatchet with one another.

warrior-wallpaper_originalImage credit: MovieDeskback

I’ve only seen this movie a year after it was released. I’m not really athletic so I’m not interested in watching movies and documentaries about sports and those kinds of stuff. This one though had an interesting plot so I watched it. I can tell that a movie is good if I am engaged and can’t take my eyes off the screen even if 20 minutes into the movie and the actors are just talking and there are no action scenes or anything is blowing.

warrior-wallpapers-3.jpgImage credit: MovieDeskback

I applaud the acting, the fight scenes, the cinematography, and the soundtrack. The writers did a great job for coming up with such a captivating storyline because anyone can relate to it. For brothers or siblings, it’s a well known fact that you don’t always see eye to eye. There will be disagreements sometimes and it’s ok because it’s part of life and growing up but it doesn’t mean that it has to end there. No family is perfect, we argue, we fight and we even stop talking to each other. But in the end, family is family and the love will always be there.

Watch this if you want to see powerful convincing acting, appropriately blunt remarks, beautifully crafted fight scenes and overall if you just want to be entertained for 2 hours and 20 minutes. 

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