Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Live in Abu Dhabi

When I learned that Macklemore would come to the UAE, I was just ecstatic. It was probably two days ago when I was wishing for them to come and then when I checked the concerts that’s happening soon, there it was: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis in the UAE.


I’ve been a fan when I heard their first song and it was big in the US. Yes, it may be shallow rapping about thrift shop but then I did my research and I have learned that Macklemore battled with drug addiction before making it big and how writing songs became his coping mechanism. It’s also notable that they were not under any label and they became mainstream solely because of radio airplays and social media.

thrift shop.gif

So there we are on the day of the concert. It was fun as there were booths for booze, a display of an actual thrift shop, some food stalls, a trampoline and some companies promoting their products.


Rick Ross opened the show and the energy of the crowd was amazing. Everyone was so hyped, it’s impossible to just stand there and do nothing. You’ll definitely bob your head and even dance to the music.


And then they came out and the crowd went wild. To think that they only have a few songs under their belts and you get that kind of reaction from the crowd is unbelievable. They performed hit after hit and everybody just went crazy. I thought to myself that this has got to be one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen. I even saw the lady in front of me typing a Facebook status saying, “This is the best concert I have ever been to”. I wanted to poke her and give her a high five but I didn’t. I just went on to enjoy the concert.


And then it was time for Macklemore to do his signature standing in the crowd move and the energy in the whole arena was just incredible. Everyone was on their feet dancing, hands up in the air and just basking in the moment. He sang Can’t Hold Us Down one more time and this time, waving the UAE flag and the confetti falling down from the sky.


It was the best concert for me and I would definitely want to see them again in the near future. It’s true what they say that you become more of a fan when you see your idols performing live and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis is definitely a proof to that.

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