Honesty is still the best policy

I’m writing this piece because I am appreciative of the kindness that was shown to me by someone that I didn’t even know after I made a mistake and hit his car.

So it happened one morning in the parking lot of a mall. It was around 11am and there were loads of parking spaces but for some reason I wanted to park as close as possible to the entrance. As I was parking my car on the left side of another car, I somehow miscalculated the space and hit the back of his car. I thought it was nothing and just continued parking.


When I got out, I saw a huge damage in the car: the paint chipped off and was all over the floor. It was in this moment that I knew I messed up. I contemplated on what I will do next and went back inside my car. I’ll be honest, I thought of just running away and just leave it like that. I thought to myself, they will never find out, no one saw me.

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But then I remembered the song Guilty Conscience by Eminem and Dr. Dre and the situations from one of my favourite shows, What Would You Do. And so it hit me, I have to do the right thing whether or not someone will know.

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I tried to find a paper where I can write my contact details so the owner can call me when he finds out what happened to his car. I found an envelope and tore off the top part and wrote “I’m sorry I scratched your car. Please check how much the damage is and let me know” and then my phone number. I slipped it on his window where he can see it easily and I waited for his call.

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I didn’t go to the mall. I left and told myself I made a mistake and I have to suffer the consequence no matter how expensive that might be. So I waited and waited until he finally called at around 7pm.


Here’s the transcript of the call

Car owner: Salam Alaykum!
Me: Good evening, may I know who’s this?
Car owner: I am the owner of the car that you hit
Me: Hi Sir, I’m sorry for that. I didn’t really mean to..
Car Owner: It’s ok
Me: So, if you can please check how much it will cost to have it repaired and just let me know so I can transfer the money to you..
Car Owner: I have checked already. Don’t worry. I think you’re a good guy. Some people will just run away if they did that but you took the time to write a note and I appreciate it. Don’t worry about it, you don’t have to pay me anything.
Me: Really? Are you sure that’s ok? I mean..
Car Owner: Yes, yes. It’s fine. What is your good name?
Me: My name is Mark.
Car Owner: Ok Mark. Have a good evening!
Me: You too sir! (with a huge smile on my face)

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And what a relief it was when I got off the phone. Thank God I made the right decision and did the right thing. The day after, I told everyone what happened and they were all saying, “See, that’s what happens when you’re honest!”

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So if it wasn’t still obvious, the moral of the story is to be honest. If we make a mistake, we have to own up to it and suffer the repercussion of our actions. It’s easy to be honest when other people can see you but I think the true mark of a man can be seen when he does the right thing regardless if people are looking or not.


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