Money Monster ★★★

Financial TV host Lee Gates and his producer Patty are put in an extreme situation when an irate investor takes over their studio.


I’m late to the party and I only saw this a week after it was released. I watched it without no expectation whatsoever and just wanted a film to see to pass the time but I must say I kind of hoped it would be good because of course George and Julia in one film?

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As the film started, it was obvious that they would set the tone that it’s a film about stocks and finances showing money and video clips of stock exchanges and such. I honestly know nothing about these stuff and I hated math and numbers when I was younger and until now. So for the first few minutes, I was just watching nonchalantly. Then, enter the other main cast and I became interested and glued to my seat since then.

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I must commend the acting by everyone in this film. From George Clooney to Julia Roberts to Jack O’Connell who if you think is familiar is because you have seen him in the award winning film directed by Angelina Jolie, “Unbroken”. His acting was superb and believable and he had chemistry with George all throughout the film. Even the extras and the villain were convincing so props to all of them.

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The story is kind of simple and I think anyone can follow through. Although it reminded me a lot of one of my all time favourite films, Phone Booth, it still had a different premise. The film was fast paced and there were a lot of moments where you feel that you are a part of the scene. It is an intellectual thriller that was gripping until the end and I don’t think there was any dull moment.

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The movie didn’t use any popular song in the soundtrack but the scoring was good that the intense scenes also have intense background music. I like the camera work that even if there were chase scenes, you don’t feel dizzy watching.


In conclusion, I really enjoyed this movie albeit the ending. I like films like this where I don’t expect anything and I get pleasantly surprised after. It’s not the greatest movie and I’m sure they will not win an acting award but still, it didn’t bore me and I think that’s the most important thing. It’s not as impactful as one would expect it to be, at times it was predictable but at the end of the day, we all just want to be entertained, thrilled and kept at the edge of our seats and that’s what this movie is going to make you feel.


  1. Nice review. Personally, while I liked the actors (Clooney, Roberts, O’Connell, etc.), the movie (to me at least) was pretty meh. It has some intense part, but the second half of the film is where it loose me with all the onlookers watching the event happen on TV….and the comments they make….pretty ridiculous (even in a movie world).

    • Ya, I agree. I remember that part but maybe they just exaggerated to make it more interesting for viewers and I really think they drew inspiration from Phone Booth, there are so many similarities.

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