My birthday getaway at Wadi Adventure, Al Ain

This year, I did something spontaneous for my birthday. Every year since I was born, I would celebrate my birthday just eating out, cooking in or just going to the beach. This time, my brothers and friends decided to go to another emirate to try out the physical activities at Wadi Adventure. I have seen it before and I’ve been checking their website but I think this is the perfect time to try it out. So we then set out on a road trip to Al Ain. Coming from Dubai, it’s actually not that far. You just have to take Al Ain road and it’s just one straight road from there.DCIM101GOPROGOPR1637.You have to make a booking at least one day ahead to be sure that you will be able to try out all the activities that they have prepared. We booked our white water rafting adventure at 11:45am. We arrived at around 11:30 and the receptionist easily found our names and we were given the wristband that wrote ‘Adventure Package‘. This one will cost you 195 dirhams which includes almost everything except surfing. They will then show you where the changing room is and there is also a small room where you will have to watch a video and a briefing prior to the actual rafting.DCIM101GOPROGOPR1719.

This is us at the raft and our instructor was riding with us the whole time during the session. We were the first to do it for the day so were expecting the instructors to be cheerful and patient but unfortunately, they were not. Maybe it’s just our one but we would have enjoyed it more if he were more cheerful and pleasant. I think he was expecting us to know how to do it and he didn’t consider the fact that we are trying it out for the first time. We enjoyed it though because we did it together.rafting

We then rested for a while, tried a bit of surfing and then waited for the giant pool to open to the public. We tried the food at the ‘Eat and Drink’ restaurant and I would recommend it because they offered generous servings and they have this cool drink in an ice like cup which is refillable up until the ice water

Our last activity was the obstacle course where you have the two levels plus the giant log where you can swing from about 3 storeys high. This is a combination of physical and mental test as you have to find the easiest way to navigate through the course without falling (although there is a harness). When you look at it from below, it seems easy but it actually is a bit of a challenge. You’ll have to make sure that you’re decided because once you start, there is no turning back. The last challenge is the zip line which is the most enjoyable part because you have nothing to do but to swing and it’s like being free from all your worries in life. 😉13308293_10209706361835044_6910429844516796645_oAfter trying out all the activities, I can proudly say that I did it and I’m glad I didn’t back out and just say I wish I did. It’s one of the most exhilarating things I’ve ever done. It’s tiring but I still would recommend that everyone try it at least once especially if you’re here in Dubai as I think there is no other place to do it here. I wish the staff would be more friendly and accommodating though because they are offering services and if they’re working in a service-oriented industry, I feel it’s a must that they serve customers with a smile, all the time, every time.

We capped of my birthday celebration by eating at the new Chinese restaurant Kuai in Boxpark, Al Wasl Road where they gave me a birthday cake that I had to pay for.IMG_8208.jpg


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