Sony Walkman NWZW273 4GB MP3 Player – Review

This summer, if you have to buy just one gadget, make it this waterproof mp3 player from Sony. I’ve had this one since 2013, got it as a Christmas gift actually and it’s still working great until now.


It’s a very basic mp3 player, nothing fancy, it has no bluetooth, it is an old model but it does its job. There are newer models now but I would still recommend this one. The trick here is to choose the buds which would fit perfectly in your ear. If you don’t get one that fits, there’s a tendency for the water to get in your ear and therefore you won’t enjoy the music until you dry the player out.


I use this one when I go to the beach or just casual swimming in the pool or even when I want to have a mini concert in the shower. It’s also extremely easy to copy songs into it. All you have to do is plug the player into its charger which you will then plug to the computer. From there, you will see a folder for music and then you can just copy and paste  your songs. The 4gb model will fit around 400-500 songs depending on the quality and size of your mp3s.


The battery also lasts long enough for you to finish a swimming session or maybe longer. I usually use mine around 3 times a week for an hour each time and that’s from a single charge. It’s definitely a bang for your back and for me, it’s definitely worth it. In Dubai, this Sony Walkman Mp3 player will cost you around 300 dirhams which is affordable enough for the listening pleasure you’ll have under the water.




  1. I recently managed to float on my back in the ocean. Imagine to listen to audio books while in that state. This could be a major boost for learning stuff while in the zone.

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