3 Idiots ★★★★★

The movie is about 3 engineering students who were reunited when they revisit their old school and reminisce on their college days and how one of them inspired and taught everyone to think outside the box.

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I got to know about this movie when my officemate recommended it to me. I’m not really a fan of indian movies because they are either  always too long or they always have those cheesy dance sequences in between. He insisted and said it’s really good so I went and watched it.

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The first few scenes already got me hooked and interested that I knew I would finish this movie. Even if it’s in a different language and the subtitles almost always mean a different thing than what’s actually said in the script, the whole movie still made a lot of sense.

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The lesson of the movie is to follow your passion. The story revolved around the 3 friends and the setbacks they have to face to pursue their passion. It was a 3 hour film but you won’t notice the time because the movie is very engaging. The film will make you tear up at times and wonder who’s suddenly slicing onions and then make your heart beat fast as you anticipate what will happen next and then it will make you laugh hard at most of the scenes. Expect a roller coaster of emotions when you watch this one but I assure you the long hours will be worth it.


Amir Khan is probably the biggest star in Hollywood. Adding two more great actors is just the perfect formula for a great film like this. There was no boring scene and the right amount of suspense and fun and the drama definitely makes this a must watch. I can without a doubt recommend the movie to anyone who’ stuck and unsure of what to do with their lives.giphy (6).gif

I felt like a renewed person after watching this. It gave me hope and it gave me a lot of lessons that I can apply to my everyday life. I do believe that when you do what you love to do, then nothing can ever hinder you from being successful. It also reminds everyone that what you do today may have an impact tomorrow so choose your actions wisely.


I can vividly remember one advice to me before on how to know what your passion is. In order for you to know what you’re passionate about, just ask yourself one simple question. In order for you to know what you’re passionate about, just ask yourself one simple question. What is the one thing that you’re willing to do even if you will not be paid to do it? Whatever your answer is, work on it because that is your passion. And always remember, all is well.

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  1. One of my all time favourite films! I always recommend this to people I meet because it’s just a perfect film. I think you should start watching some more Bollywood films! I have a list of films that I’d love to recommend to you to hear your opinion/views 🙂

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