The Purge ★★★★

Just got home from watching the third installment of DeMonaco’s The Purge film series. For the uninitiated, the movie is a social science fiction action horror film set in the United States of America. The Purge is an event that happens every year where for one night, all kinds of crime is legalized for 12 hours. All police, fire and medical emergency services will not be available until 7am the next day.



This time, it’s during the election year and how the senators are having debates on whether they will continue or eliminate the annual tradition. I can still remember how I loved the very first movie and how I was recommending it to my friends but some of them did not like it. If you read reviews on the web, there are also mixed reactions from the viewers.


I am just in awe of how suspenseful the latest one is and maybe it’s also because of the fact that the cinema has one of the best sound systems around. It’s so good, I want to watch it again. The scoring is commendable, there were numerous moments where I literally jumped out of my seat because a scene was scary and I was excited on what will happen next. I just love movies where it makes you feel like you’re a part of that world and you’re in the scene like one of the characters. I also appreciate the fact that everything was unpredictable like just when you thought this might happen, something else will. The writers did a great job on this one.


Overall, I like and I would recommend this latest one and all the other ‘Purge’ movies because the directors and the writers thought of something that might actually happen in real life. Also, the actors that they got were not the usual actors that we see in the big screen. I think doing so makes it more believable.  I like watching these kinds of films because then you’ll realise and you’ll be thankful that this is not actually happening. I’d like to think there’s still a lot of good left in this world. I hope though that we don’t come to a point where we have to purge and decide what we think should be cleansed because I don’t believe it’s our place to do so.

Watch this if you like watching thriller/suspense kind of movies and if you’re not big on watching just the popular actors but more on the story. And if you like to feel your heart pounding out your chest for about 2 hours, this is for you. 


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