Apple watch: a year later

I bought the first edition of the Apple watch 3 months after it launched on April 24, 2015. I was contemplating if it will be worth it to buy as everyone was saying it’s a want and definitely not a need. But of course being the Apple fanboy that I am, I went ahead and bought one. I really didn’t plan on buying but when we went to the mall and I saw the price, I thought to myself that it’s not that expensive as what people perceive it to be. There are just some models made of more premium material and so they are more pricey than the others. shutterstock_268287890.jpg

There are two sizes, 38mm and 42mm. I opted for the bigger 42mm because I don’t like small watches although when fitted to my wrist felt just right. I bought the black one also called the Apple watch sport as I thought it will complement most of my clothes. And so the staff helped me set it up and paired it with my phone and on the way home, I was just tinkering and checking out all the features. I downloaded apps that are compatible, tried playing music using Bluetooth and I found myself just playing with the watch all the time. shutterstock_257990591.jpg

Real world use: At first I felt anxious that it kept on vibrating every time there is a message or a chat or an email. It also looked like I’m showing off because I kept on glancing at the watch to check the notifications. I was engrossed in it and all its features that for a few days, I think I’ve used it more for calls than a watch. I just thought it was cool (James Bond cool) to answer a call using the watch on speaker mode instead of using my phone. Because of this, the battery only lasted a day or at times, barely made it through the day. apple watch play.gif

Few weeks later, I’ve outgrown it. I’m no longer interested in the apps. I use it only to check the time. I turned off the bluetooth on my phone because it annoys me that it vibrates when there is a notification, which I think was every minute. I also hated the fact that it asks me to stand up when I have been sitting too long. I used to enjoy that but not anymore. I now just want to wear it because it looks good and because I can check the time when I raise my wrist. apple mickey watch.gif

What I don’t like about it is that I have to charge it everyday and that if I forget to, I will wear a watch that won’t even tell me the time. I hate that it gets annoying at times (although notifications can be turned off if you want to). I hate that some apps are slow to open. I hate that sometimes, it’s too complicated and I hate the fact that it doesn’t work without an iPhone. apple watch charge.gif

What I love though is the design, that it looks nice on my wrist plus I get the feeling that I’m wearing a premium product. I love that you can choose different faces so it’s like wearing a different watch everyday. I love that there are now 3rd party bands which will make it easier to match it with what you’re wearing. I love that it’s compatible with some of the most important apps and it can limit your phone usage because you can do a simple task using it. I love that you can use it to take a picture and a camera viewer. And as mentioned, I love that you can answer a call and play music stored on the watch using bluetooth. That is just cool. Collage_Fotorwatch.jpg

So the question is, should you buy one? My honest opinion is no. But do you want one? Yes. I say if you have the means to buy, then go buy one. It’s fun and it helps a bit with your everyday tasks. But if you don’t have extra money and if you buy it will be at the expense of not eating for a week, I say no. A year after its release, the Apple watch is still the best smart watch around. Plus it’s now cheaper than ever. If you’re thinking about buying, I would also say wait for the next iteration as the first one needs a lot of improvement. I hope Apple releases a new version which is faster with new features that makes it a must have instead of just an option. apple watch.gif

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