iPhone 7: What to expect

Every year during this time since 2007, a lot of tech websites write about the speculations, rumours and their guesses on how the new iPhone would look like. Most of the time, they release 3d renders and videos on YouTube highlighting the new features of the phone. Every year as well, I always read and check a few trusted websites and I’m impressed at how accurate their leaks are every single time.


Two sites that I always check are Redmond Pie and the french website Nowhere Else. For years, they have predicted how the next iPhone would look like + they are able to determine every single feature of the soon to be unveiled phone. I have no idea where they get their information but at this stage, it’s highly likely that their predictions will be true.

Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect with the new iPhone

1. Bigger but protruding camera (which might mean better quality pictures and stabilisation)
iphone-7-coque-doree(Image credit: NowhereElse)
2. Mute button is now gone, I wonder how we will silence our phone in the easiest way possible
iPhone-7-Plus-Dummy-03(Image credit: NowhereElse)
3. Earphones will now be connected via the same port used for charging
ecouteurs-casque-iphone-7-00(Image credit: NowhereElse)
4. Second speaker might replace the position of the old 3.5mm jack
iPhone-7-double-HP-02(Image credit: NowhereElse)
5. Leaks suggest that there will be a 256gb option and that is just wow!
Jack-iPhone7-vs-iPhone6s-HighLights(Image credit: IFixIt.com)
6.Β Bigger battery means longer battery life and more time to catch all those Pokemons

pokemon go.gif

It’s only a matter of time before Apple releases their latest offering. They usually release it in September but even that is uncertain till now. Even though I’m not keen on replacing my iPhone 6 Plus just yet, I’m still excited on what the new phone will look like. What they are offering are just minor changes but knowing Apple and the fanboys, I’m sure this will be another hit. I for one blindly buys any product they release before deciding if it’s for me or not. But then again, these are all rumours and should just be takenΒ with a grain of salt. We can’t do anything but speculate and wait, for now.

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