Independence Day: Resurgence ★★

So I saw this movie yesterday and had high hopes and expectation because it was heavily promoted and every time I’m going to watch a movie in the past month, there would be a trailer in the cinema and they showed a clip of the stars in the film inviting audience in the UAE to see it when it’s out.


The first one was good in my opinion although I’m not a fan of sci fi movies. I enjoyed that one when it was released in 1996. This one though bored me. For a good 15 minutes, I found myself sleeping and when I woke up from that power nap, I had to grab the popcorn to keep me from sleeping again.

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If we talk about the CGI and the effects of the sequel, one can say that it’s extremely good. And I think that’s the only saving grace of this movie. There were so many characters and to be honest, I thought the producers and directors made a lot of bad casting decisions. There was a guy that’s supposed to be funny but turned out to be not funny, at all. I saw an actor who had no dialogue but was just always beside the commander in chief in all the scenes he was in. As I see it, the actors also spoiled the entire movie.

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I want a movie to suck me in to their world and make me believe that what I’m watching is true. I didn’t feel that in this one. There is no soul and even though there are scenes where you’re supposed to feel for the actors’ plight, their bad acting makes you feel otherwise. There are just so many things that are not right in this film although it did pick up in the last part.

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I left the movie house feeling disappointed with what I had just watched. There was not a single actor that left a lasting impression on me. In my opinion, this should have been a direct to video kind of movie. It’s not worth it to see on the big screen. It’s just sad that it’s obvious they had a big budget but it was obviously not put into good use. I really wanted to like it but no, sorry, it’s pure garbage.

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Watch it if you want to see an alien in a movie with believable good computer graphics and if you fancy watching actors just talk nonsense to each other for about 1 and a half hours through to the movie. Or if you’re going to buy a DVD or Blu Ray copy, just fast forward to the last 30 minutes and you’re good. 👎🏻


  1. Having watched and enjoyed both versions of the original (the extended edition was way better), I had only heard, but not seen anything, about a sequel. Hm. We love good sci fi, one of the best lately (?) has to be Battle Los Angeles with Aaron Eckhart. Will look out for this on the cheapie shelf later.
    Thanks for the follow by the way. Glad to have you aboard.

      • Going to the movies isn’t practical for us now, so we wait for the DVD release. We didn’t even know there was another Terminator movie until we saw Genisys on the shelf (not bad!!)

    • Why not? I like going to the movies as you get a better feel especially with movies like the Purge. I know reviews are divided into loving it or not liking it at all but for me, there are movies that have to be seen in the cinemas and there are movies that are better off watched at home. Independence Day Resurgence is one example of the latter. Save your money. 😎

      • You are so right that some films do not transfer to the small screen well, and a lot of the impact is lost.
        Hubby has mobility issues and cannot sit for long periods of time, especially in a restricted space (neither can I at the moment) plus it’s quite expensive over here and we are on a limited budget.

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