The Entertainer Dubai

If you have been living in Dubai (or any city in the UAE) for a few years now then you must be familiar with the Entertainer book. The book offers 2 for 1 deals to the best restaurants, activities, attractions, spas and even hotels across the Middle East and I believe they have now expanded to Europe and Asia.


I first knew about it when I came to Dubai in 2012 and I saw it on display at Virgin Megastore. Back then i didn’t know if I was staying here or not so I just looked but I didn’t buy. A few years later, I realised how important it is and why it’s a must to have one.


Basically, the concept is very simple. The Entertainer have partnered with more than a thousand establishments and came up with a list of offers that drive high quality customers to their businesses. These are both beneficial to them and the client and to the customers as well. For example, if you are buying a main course from a restaurant, you can order another main course and pay for just one. If you are going to a theme park with your friends, you can save money by purchasing 2 tickets but paying for only 1. If you like eating and going to new restaurants, you’ll be able to try them all without breaking the bank. What’s best is, you can share the vouchers to your friends and families.


Anyone who knows me would know that I’m not really a fan of discount vouchers. I mean everyone likes to get discounts and freebies but no one likes to look desperate when asking. Good thing they came up with The Entertainer app in addition to the book. The app will let you login and access all the offers and all you have to do to claim them is to enter your password and let the merchant enter theirs and voila! You pay less than what you’re supposed to. It’s very easy and straightforward.

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I believe The Entertainer has already cemented themselves as the leading name in 2 for 1 offers and even though a handful of companies have tried to imitate and copy their idea, The Entertainer still tops the list. They are reliable and I like the fact that when I ask a waiter from any restaurant that they have partnered with, they already know what to do and I never had any problem with claiming any offer. There was even an instance when I asked a waiter before I ordered that I have an Entertainer app and he said “Sure, that’s ok!” and he even told me which ones from the menu can be redeemed through the app. That’s great customer service and the company made sure that the staff of every establishment were aware of the offers.


In addition, they are continuously adding new merchants to the list so the offers get better and better with time. They have different products that can be seen via this link. I am using the Dubai 2016 app which is 50 dirhams cheaper than the book which costs AED495. I think it’s more practical and I find it easier to claim offers in the app than the book.

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In conclusion, I think having The Entertainer book or app is a great value for your money. You should buy it at the start of the year to make the most out of it. I have been a loyal customer for 2 years now and I would pretty much be buying it in the years to come. The company came up with a really good product that not only benefits them but also brings great value to the merchant and the customers all at the same time.


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