Nerve ★★★★★

A high school senior finds herself immersed in an online game of truth or dare, where her every move starts to become manipulated by an anonymous community of “watchers.”


While everyone eagerly lined up to watch Tarzan or Bourne, I was more excited to see this. First off, I think this film is for millennials. It’s about social media and the power it holds in turning things around and how it can make or break a person. I watched this movie hoping it would be good and it did not disappoint but instead exceeded my expectations.


The one word that I can use to describe the movie would be “intense”. Every scene from start to finish was and I’m guessing everybody in the cinema were at the edge of their seats the whole time during the movie. The premise was simple, it’s like “Truth or Dare” but it was reinvented so the new generation can relate. The idea was brilliant because it’s something that can actually happen in real life when everyone holds a smartphone and everyone surely has at least one social media account. There was no dull moment, every single scene was gripping.

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The cast were incredible. Emma Roberts was perfect for the role and so was Dave Franco. They are not the most popular actors but they are also not unknown to many. They’ve got undeniable onscreen chemistry and their acting were superb and believable. Granted that there are some scenes that might seem impossible, overall it was commendable. Even the supporting cast were convincing and you get to feel what they are feeling like you are in the actual scene. (Bonus: I was pleasantly surprised that 2 of the actors from OITNB were there)


I also liked that the soundtrack is so cool and that every single song fit the scenes perfectly. The editing was flawless, I loved how they use those message bubbles and the actual ‘Nerve’ program was well thought out. It’s also fascinating that the colours all throughout the movie were just vibrant that maybe added to my amusement. The storytelling was fast paced and there were a lot of moments where you will hold your breath in anticipation. This is the kind of movie that must be watched in the theatres because the small screen may not give it justice.

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So the burning question, should you watch it or not? My answer would definitely be an astounding YES! The film tackles a huge issue when it comes to the right usage of the internet and social media but it does it in a way that it’s not shoved in your face. At the end of the film, you will realise that the internet with the help of technology and social media can provide anyone with a lot of benefits and opportunities to empower themselves. It will also make you realise that just because you hide behind a username doesn’t mean you can say or blurt out nasty comments. The lesson here is to use social media wisely. The movie is one hell of a ride that’s fun and exciting and I surely enjoyed every minute. It has just been added to my favourite movies list of all time and I think it will go down as one of the classic films when you think of computers and mobile gaming and how it affects the new generation. 😄


  1. I also liked the way the film tackles the issue of the ”right usage” of the internet and social media privacy which is predominant especially for millenials but really I think that everyone can connect to the story and reflect on how they use social media or even just the Internet in general.

  2. I really enjoyed this film as well thought it was very well put together with such an interesting talking point around social media and how obsessed with it everyone has become!

  3. I saw the trailer earlier last month and I was already anticipating seeing it, I hope it lives up to its expectations or is it just safe to go with an open mind?

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