Suicide Squad ★★★★

A secret government agency recruits imprisoned supervillains to execute dangerous black ops missions in exchange for clemency.

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First off, I don’t understand the bad reviews. I’m a day late so I just saw the movie today in 3D as there was no 2D available and I thought it was so much better. I am not a comic book fan and I have never read any of the titles so I can’t really judge the movie based on the book. All I know is that I have anticipating since it was announced and the first trailer was released. If you want to stop reading here and you just want to know if it was good or bad, then my answer is, it’s great and was definitely worth the wait.

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The storyline was simple enough, bad vs. evil except that the bad guys were hired to do something good. The pacing was alright, it was not fast nor slow. There were no dull moments and every back story was crucial for everyone to understand how they got into where they are now. Everyone had their moments and I honestly don’t think a character overshadowed another as they were all given ample screen time. Although Will Smith and Margot Robbie probably appeared in most of the scenes, when you sum it all up, it still was about the whole squad.There were some light moments but overall it was a dark and serious film. I bet it was hard work trying to squeeze all their back stories in 2 hours time.

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The cast were all great in my opinion. Every single one of them were convincing but I found Cara Delevigne’s acting somewhat forced at times. Deadshot played the leader of the group very well and Harley Quinn was cute every time.Viola Davis is as good as she always has been and at times, I thought she was still a lawyer (in How to get away with murder). The rest of the actors’ performances were all impressive and believable.

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One thing I also enjoyed was the lighting and the cinematography. From the beginning as the film started until the time when the credits were rolling, I thoroughly enjoyed watching all the animations and colours. Plus the soundtrack was a pleasure to listen to. Any movie that uses an Eminem song in it gets a thumbs up for me. Heathens, Sucker for Pain, Black Skinhead by Kanye West and Bohemian Rhapsody are just some of my favourites but every single song was well suited to match each scene.

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In conclusion, I would certainly urge everyone to see this. I like a movie simply because it entertained me and I’m not one of the critics who tirelessly find a fault in everything. Suicide Squad was an action packed film that in my opinion delivered what they promised. I was not disappointed at all but because of the initial negative reviews, I was almost swayed not to see it and good thing I didn’t listen.

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I loved the acting, the characters, the stunts, the effects, the musical scoring, the plot and the feeling that it gave me while I was watching it. I don’t see any reason why one should not see this. When everything is said and done, I believe the moral lesson here is that you shouldn’t believe everything you hear. This is the summer movie of 2016 and it’s definitely one of the best films I have seen in a long time.


  1. from all the reviews I have read and heard, the movie actually follows the comic book, at least from what i remember, pretty well. One complained that there was not much action at the beginning, but from what I remember of the comic book there was never that much action at the beginning of each issue either. And I was an avid collector. But your review makes me want to see the movie more than I already wanted to.

    • I think people wanted to skip the storytelling and just have stunts from start to finish which defeats the purpose of bringing the comic book to life. I honestly enjoyed it and would definitely see it again if given the chance. It’s the kind of film that needs to be seen in the theatre as I’m sure the impact won’t be the same on the small screen. If you see it because of my review then that’s a huge compliment for me. Thanks! 😎

  2. Maybe I set my expectations too high for this movie, but I think it wasn’t worth the hype. It wasn’t a trainwreck of a film that some are calling it, but it wasn’t worthy all the pomp and anticipation.

    • For someone who had zero knowledge about the characters and did not set any expectation, I was not disappointed. I enjoyed the film from start to finish and even stayed until the last name in the credits was shown. Maybe the secret when watching a film is to not expect and just enjoy it. For some it maybe isn’t worth the anticipation but for me, it was and I’m not a tad disappointed at all. Thanks for the comment and I’m glad you passed by my page 😎

  3. Agreeing with everything you said. I just don’t get the bad reviews. I’m not sure I understand what movie critics want from superhero/supervillain movies. Enjoyed every bit of it!

  4. I think what a lot of comic book fans had an issue with is how the Joker didn’t get enough screen time and neither did he have a story line. He had more of a cameo appearance in the movie. And the fact that they gave Deadshot a bigger role because Will Smith was the biggest actor in the movie.

    • That should be fine, right? After all the movie is called Suicide Squad. Maybe they would make a movie about Joker and then the critics and the comic book fans will have something nice to say 😉

  5. First, you’ve written a really comprehensive, through review. I’m so glad that I read this! I’m a big fan of the Suicide Squad comics, so I was really excited, waiting to see. When the reviews came out I read a bunch and thought they weren’t so harsh because each reviewer had something they liked a lot about it.

    Then my husband says it was a total flop, from reading the reviews and refused to go!!!! I was so bummed! After reading your review, I’m gonna go see it on my own, today! I LOVE going to the movies! Thanks for writing this! (Sorry about the ramble!) 😘🙋🙆👍👏

      • Will do! I’ll tell you how it compares to the comics. If you were really into the movie, you should check out the book. I was surprised that it didn’t get an R rating, I mean the filmmakers should have made a film that needed to be R rated! The comic books are raunchy and super violent, that’s half the point! Ramble ramble….lol

        • Oh, I don’t have the patience to read books. I like movies more. I think they avoided the R rating to get everyone to watch it including the kids. But ya, I want to know what you think. 🙂

          • I’m not trying to be pushy, but the books are perfect for people who can’t get themselves to read a whole book. When I say “book” I’m talking a comic book. each issue is about 10 pages long and full of fab art (like Suicide squad). There is very little actual reading. But whatever, movies rock too. I’m sure you’re right about the kids.

  6. Very true! I really dont read comic books, so idk where did the bad review come from. The movie is great. I understand that Joker has less appearance because if he does, he will overpower the squad. And besides, Joker appears mostly in Batman movies and it is better that way-I think…I really just enjoyed the movie!

    Good read, btw!

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