Why You Should Work Hard Even If You’re Paid Less

Working hard is very important. You’re not going to get anywhere without working extremely hard. – George Lucas

Every employee anywhere in the world is working for a company because of the salary. We all need to get paid to survive but that doesn’t mean that it should be our only motivation to work.


I came up with my top 5 reasons why you should work hard and give your best regardless of how much you’re getting paid.

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1. Personal Satisfaction

Ever since I started working, I would always give my all when it comes to my job. Some people say I am workaholic and all those terms but for me, I just want to be proud of my work. I have been doing that until one day I realised that all I do is work and work and work and I had no time to meet friends and socialise. My friends suggested that I should leave work after office hours and I did just that. For a week, I would leave the office at exactly 6pm and I would be at the house at 6:30pm. I was procrastinating and I was consumed at the thought of leaving early and so I was not being productive. During that one week, I was sad and I felt like I was cheating. The next week, I went back to my old self and regained my motivation to work. At the end of every day, I would be proud of myself, fulfilled, knowing that I did what had to be done and finished my tasks with the time that was given.shutterstock_345950657.jpg

2. You are representing yourself

Yes, you work for a company and all that you do for them may not be reciprocated but for me, it shouldn’t matter. We should still do great work  regardless if the management notices or not. It shouldn’t matter if your colleague is paid more for the same amount of work that you both do. When everything is taken into consideration, you are representing yourself and you are building your reputation. Do you want to be labelled as Johnny who works only when there’s an incentive or Julie who only works overtime if she will get paid extra? Do not count the hours but instead look at the end result of your work. Your reputation speak volumes of the person that you are and a good reputation would lead to trust and if you’re trusted, it will lead to more opportunities and more opportunities might lead to a better income.


3. Collecting skills

When I started working, I knew nothing about sending email shots and html, designing marketing collaterals or even basic Photoshop editing. Fast forward to a few years later, I can proudly say I am a bit knowledgeable about these skills and all of that I learned through watching YouTube tutorial videos, tinkering with the programs, reading informative articles and basically just being interested on what needs to be learned. It may look like you’re putting in the effort for your bosses or colleagues when you learn these skills but in the long run, you are the one that’s gaining because they can’t take these skills away from you now.


4. Growing your network

Strong personal networks don’t just happen. You have to slowly build them from the ground up. Two years ago, I had no contacts from any hotel or restaurant in the UAE. Now, because of my work, I have gradually built my network and at times when I need help for something or even a small favour, I can just easily send a text message or email to a contact and it will be sorted. When we started, no one was inviting us to launches or parties but now, we get a lot of invites and requests to attend gatherings. It’s give and take and I believe that our success is increasingly dependent on how we interact with others.

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5. Building your character

What is character? Most people would think these are the good traits they see in you. I’d like to think character is what we do and how we do it. Our character is unfolded through time, through our experiences and it becomes your mark in the world and it plays a huge role on how you influence the people around you. Nowadays, companies hire more for character than skills. Yes, you maybe the best designer or sales person in the world but if people around you hate you or speak ill of you, I’m sure you won’t be hired. Any skill can be learned if one has the right attitude and the eagerness to learn. H. Jackson Brown Jr. said “Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking”

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In conclusion, my most favourite quote when it comes to work is “Do it with passion or not at all”. If you don’t like your job, I think you should quit and find something else. If you’re just not motivated, remember the time when you were applying for the position. Essentially, we must remember that having a job is a privilege. Just the thought of waking up in the morning knowing that you can contribute your skills to the workplace is a gift. Sometimes, we take our jobs for granted not realising that there are many people only wishing they could be in our place but some situations prevent them to do so. It’s not too late to change. Be a light in your office today. 😊




  1. That was really motivating. Why only office often in colleges we slog through hours of stuff just to learn one stuff. Where as some others take the shortcut. Returns is often same or maybe less or more. But in the end of the day that honest work gives a sense of completeness. Great take and article 🙂

  2. Hi Mark,

    This post was SO inspiring and I am so glad to have come across your blog and read it. I personally relate with feeling worthless and unsatisfied with myself when I procrastinate and don’t put my best into my work. The points you made about why we should do things with passion are very valid and worth following no matter what compensation or lack thereof one gets. Please keep writing more inspirational posts like these – you are shining a light!


    • Thank you for the nice comment. 😊 I always feel like we should put our best foot forward regardless if we get noticed or compensated well. At the end of the day, we should all realise that what we are doing is for ourselves and not for other people. Thanks again, comments like this keep me motivated to continue to write and hopefully inspire others. Have a great day ahead 😎

  3. Yes I agree with all the comments, I am qualified for 3 years but all the jobs I am getting are minimal pay and lately I was feeling really down in the dumps as the responsibilities and work load outweighs the pay, but you are right it is a privilege to have work and we all need to be grateful.

  4. Despite all these great points, people don’t immediately see that. At anyone’s first step into the labour market, we normally do not think of ourselves being represented or anything, we just look out for the pay and then the important things later.

    This post has given me more perspective, I really needed it.

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