PFire Pizza & Cafe, The Greens

I don’t think I’ll look at ordinary pizzas the same way again after I have tried the pizza from this new place.

PFire is a grass-root and independent pizza joint located in The Greens that’s been operating since 2012 but had to relaunch in 2014. Since then, they have been working hard to bring the people of Dubai food with soul.


Theirs is a small pizza parlour at the centre of The Greens Village. As we entered we were greeted by their Operations Manager, Bryan McCallum. He was very pleasant and as he welcomed and directed us to our seats, he also gave us some facts and a brief info about the company. Aside from signature pizzas, they also serve pasta, salads, sides like buffalo chicken wings, mac and cheese, garlic knots and a selection of desserts.


What makes them different from the other pizza companies is that they take the art of baking seriously. They mix and make their own dough daily and they meticulously proof them for 48 hours that’s why when you taste the crust, you will realise what you have been missing all your life. Traditional pizzas taste just like bread with toppings, PFire’s pizzas are different, they are not called artisan for nothing.


We started with garlic knots and tried their bestseller which is the Pepperoni Primo. They also have an option wherein you can customise your pizza. By customised, I mean you can order a large one and divide it into two flavours. This I think is an example of putting customers’ needs first. I mean, if customers want something, at least they are given options. We got the Fire Primo and the Royal Hawaiian as seen in the picture below.


We also tried the chicken alfredo and I have to say that it was perfect and cooked just the way I expected it to be. The pasta was al dente and it’s very noticeable that the ingredients that they use are all natural. Judging by the texture of the chicken, you’ll notice that it’s all fresh and probably organic.


Lastly, I was able to try the milkshake called the “Mudslide” which is not even on their menu yet. It’s milkshake with frozen nutella, snickers and icing on top. Brian said that they are still perfecting the product before actually launching it which just goes to show the dedication that they have. I tried it and it was probably the best milkshake that I have ever tasted in my life but he said it’s not yet ready for primetime. If that’s the case then I’m sure it will be great. This milkshake might not bring the boys to the yard but I’m sure it will bring both boys and girls to PFire.


Overall, we had a pleasant dining experience at PFire Pizza and Cafe. Although they are more well known for takeaways and deliveries, I think dining here once in a while would be great too.I only have nice things to say about PFire, the service is exceptional and the food was distinctive and exquisite. The prices for everything were also very affordable considering they use just the finest ingredients. For these reasons, I highly suggest you go and try it for yourself. I’m sure after your meal, you’ll know the difference between a good and bad pizza and you will not settle for anything less again.

Check out their website – and for deliveries, call +971 4431 5759 or email

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