Serendipity 3, Festival City

Serendipity 3 has been one of New York City’s most beloved eateries for more than 60 years offering guests in Dubai the same whimsical menu as their New York clientele, with unique desserts including ornate sundaes, the outrageous banana split, decadent milkshakes, cakes and the renowned Frrrozen® Hot Chocolate.


The restaurant launched early this year but I only had the chance to try it yesterday. I was starving and so I was craving for something really good. I went to Dubai Festival City and saw the restaurant and decided to eat there.


They have a very girly design with pink screaming all over the place. I think what they wanted to achieve was a vintage modern feel which probably worked out great in the end. I like how the whole area looks neat and tidy and it’s a great place where you can hang out for a while and have a good time chatting or catching up with friends.


First things first, I must say that the service is exceptional. All the servers even the ones who were not assigned to my table assured that everything was okay and if I needed something, they for sure would provide it. I also saw a kid approached the waiter and asked him for a tissue and the waiter stooped down to make sure he heard the kid and then gave her what she wanted. And from time to time, the waitress would check if there’s anything else that I needed. I’m sure the management did something right with regards to training their staff.


Let’s talk about the food. I ordered a caesar salad because I wanted to at least eat healthy (although I love my cheese). The salad was so plain I wasn’t enticed to eat it. They could have at least done something to make it palatable.


And then I had the chicken alfredo pasta. Correction, just alfredo because you have to add 12AED if you want to add chicken, so I did. When it arrived, it looked dry with huge tomatoes and broccoli. In my mind, I was thinking, this is not how I pictured it to be. I want my pasta al dente, with creamy sauce and cheese on top. Although it clearly says on the menu that there’s tomato and broccoli, I still didn’t understand what they were doing there. It didn’t compliment the pasta at all.   IMG_9799

Clearly, I am not enjoying my dining experience so far. And then I tried the BBQ chicken & cheddar pizza and luckily, it was good. They served it in a non traditional way which isn’t the usual round shape but instead was sort of rectangular and laid in a decorative cutting board. Thank God it tasted good because I was about to regret my choice yesterday.


I finished my meal off with a Strawberry Fields sundae because the waitress said that desserts are their specialty. Basically, it was just a cheesecake that was mashed together with ice cream and icing with cherry on top. It was good but not the I-would-come-back-for-this-good. When they gave me the bill, they also gave me an iPad with an option to take a survey about the dining experience. I wanted to answer but there were only 3 questions and there’s not enough space to say everything I wanted to say about the food.


Despite the high price and the not so appetising food, I had a somewhat satisfying dining experience at Serendipity. The place looks great, chairs are comfortable and the servers were attentive and just for these reasons, I would suggest you try it for yourself. I can vouch for the pizza and the sundae but not for the other food that I have tried. Maybe they are best known for their desserts so I would suggest they try and overhaul the rest of their menu because honestly, for the price, it’s not worth it. And I hope they remove this additional on everything as they shouldn’t be an option because the food is expensive in itself. I probably would come back if I had no other option but that definitely won’t be anytime soon.

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