Joe’s Cafe, The Beach JBR

Joe’s Cafe is one of the restaurants in JBR that’s close to the beach and the reason we came here is because we wanted pasta. I’ve never heard of Joe’s at all and I’m not sure how long they have been in the business but we wanted to try something new so we opted for this one.


We arrived at around 7pm on a Thursday. It was not busy, there’s only one customer and we were the second one downstairs. I’m not sure if there are more customers upstairs but it looked empty. As we entered the place, we were greeted by the accommodating waiter and guided us to our seats. The interior was nice, with pictures of London landmarks framed on the wall. There is also a huge piano that they used as a display under the stairs. It was cozy, had good lighting and just perfect for catching up with friends.


The menu offers a wide variety of starters, burgers, pasta, salads with chicken, beef and fish options. We asked the waiter for his recommendation but we were not sold with his explanation so we ordered calamari and prawns as starter then pasta, fish and chips, Joe’s burger as main courses. We ordered fresh juices as well, a kiwi and strawberry.


The appetizers were good. I liked the prawn but the calamari was a bit too plain for me. When it was served I thought, I can easily cook this at home and there was nothing special about it. The pasta was tasty, the chicken seemed fresh and so we all liked it. Joe’s angus burger was dry and I told the waiter I wanted it well done but I saw the center was slightly pink. I tried to eat it nonetheless. The fish and chips wasn’t what I imagined it to be. I mean the presentation was good but the taste is not. I have tried a lot of fish and chips in my life and this one doesn’t get my seal of approval. It’s like they just bought a frozen ready to cook breaded fish in the supermarket and fried it for us. We were not impressed.

When it comes to the waiter, we have nothing bad to say. He was attentive, he gave us wet wipes before and after we ate, he made sure we have everything that we needed and he informed us when the food was delayed. Yes, we waited a long time for the food to arrive. We waited I think more than 40 minutes from when they served the appetizers to when they served the main courses. It’s alright, we’re not fussy but I’m thinking about the other customers who have no patience to wait that long. I also have to mention that the prices of everything on their menu were steep. They’re so expensive that you expect to be amazing but sadly, it’s not.

Despite the high price and the ridiculously long wait for the food, we somehow had a satisfactory dining experience at Joe’s Cafe. Maybe it’s because of the ambiance and the good customer service by the staff. Other than that, there’s nothing worth going for in this restaurant. I believe they need to reevaluate the food on the menu and the excessive prices. Just because you’re on JBR doesn’t mean you can overprice everything. It would be better to charge a little less for food that’s worth coming back to than charge way too much and then disappoint and lose customers altogether.


So would I recommend this place? No. Even if you have no other options, try and go somewhere else. Unfortunately, it’s not worth it and you will not get the value for your money at Joe’s Cafe.

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