Dreamworks Spa at Hawthorn JBR

Dreamworks Spa is one of UAE’s leading wellness and spa provider. If you google massage in Dubai, Dreamworks will almost always appear on top. They have cemented themselves to be the leader in the industry and massage is sometimes synonymous to Dreamworks. They offer professional and decent massages and other treatments and now have more or less 20 locations across Dubai and some of these are inside the leading hotels.


We tried their branch in Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham, JBR as it is the closest to us and I believe one of their newest locations. The place is spotless and there are 2 separate sections for men and women. The place is quite small but they made use of all the available space to accommodate a shower in every room and ample space for the therapist to move around.


As you enter, you will be greeted by the receptionist who will check your booking or if you didn’t make one will make sure to tell you the available options. They run a lot of promotions at this time and I find their prices to be quite reasonable. Also, if you book a massage, you are entitled to the use of all the facilities inside which include the jacuzzi, steam and sauna bath, lockers plus welcome tea or any juice that you prefer.


All their therapists are from Bali so you instantly know that they are knowledgeable about the treatments that they will give. When you are inside the room, you will be asked if you want to take a shower and they will give you disposable shorts that you can wear during the session. Before the massage, they will suggest that you stay for 3-5 minutes in the steam bath or swim in the jacuzzi to prepare the body. It is also suggested that you wait an hour or two after the massage before taking a shower as the oil is better left absorbed by the skin. They use high quality oil that have benefits for your body.


But how about the massage? Mine was so good that I almost fell asleep. I tried the traditional Balinese massage and because I had so much stress and tension, she spent a lot of time working on my shoulders. Rena and Kompy did our massage and I would also like to mention that she also asked me if the temperature was ok and the background music was not too loud. As she massaged me for the whole hour, I thought to myself, every second was worth every penny. It was so good I felt renewed and light after the massage.


All in all, I had a great experience at Dreamworks Spa in Hawthorn Suites JBR. The staff were very accommodating and assisted with anything that I needed from bathrobes and towels to the locker to welcome drinks and happily answered my questions about the spa. I would definitely recommend you try  and book a massage at this place as they really provide great massages and body treatments.

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They are currently running an early bird promotion of 170AED for 1 hour of massage if you schedule it from 10am-2pm daily.

To check out their services and promotions, click here.

To book any treatment, you may visit their website or call the toll free number 800 MASSAGE (627-72-43)


  1. I believe a massage is extremely healthy for us, even though some think it’s just an ‘extra’ bit of luxury. However, I always want to make sure I don’t fall asleep during a massage – don’t want to miss one minute of feeling my muscles (and nerves) relax. 🙂 Thanks for finding me and following me at Roughwighting.

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