Cultivate An Attitude Of Gratitude

How can one be happy? Many studies have been conducted to determine what makes a person happy. It can be because of their family, relationships, friends, money, job, car or other material possessions. For me, one can truly be happy if he/she can adopt an attitude of gratitude.


Firstly, what is attitude? defines it as a manner, disposition, feeling, position, etc., with regard to a person or thing; tendency or orientation, especially of the mind. And what is gratitude? It is the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful. So if you were asked the question, how many times have you been thankful for all the blessings that you have received? What would be your answer?


I believe being grateful for anything even the small things open up opportunities for even bigger things. I have never taken anything for granted since I’ve adopted this attitude. I’m thankful for everything that I have: for my health, for my family, for my job, for my friends, for our house, for the car that I’m driving, for the food that I get to eat, for the experiences that some people can only dream of and for all the good things that have been happening. I want to share some tips on how to adopt an attitude of gratitude and be happy for the rest of your life.


1. Be generous. I’ve had a lot of experiences when I gave something and then a few days later, I got something better in return. I believe that when you give more, the universe conspires to give something back to you ten folds. The keyword is abundance. The pie is big enough for everyone to share. Don’t be selfish and take a bigger slice when others will have a smaller one. The more you give, the more you receive but I say don’t expect anything in return because it just defeats the purpose if you do. Also, I believe that the true essence of giving is when you really want something but give it anyway. When you give to make others happy, you will be happy too.


2. Keep a journal. Some call it a gratitude journal and some call it a diary. Why is it important? It’s because you can keep track of the good things or the bad things that happened and the actions that you took to make it right. I have an app on my phone called Momento and I use it as my gratitude journal. It’s great because every day, I have a notification that says “How was your day today?” or “What are you thankful for today?” And then you’ll try to remember what happened and write it in there. Sometimes, I just look back at the days when I had a problem and it’s funny because what was once a huge obstacle looks petty now.


3. Give a genuine compliment. Try to say something nice to someone everyday. It doesn’t mean you have to be fake and say “You look pretty today!” when she obviously looks stressed. If you say something that you really don’t mean, most of the time people can tell. Giving a compliment is a good thing and the person who is complimented should accept it and just say thanks. Sometimes, just a small note on a post it can brighten someone’s day.


4. Talk about it. Just imagine what a great world this would be if people shared what they are thankful for rather than sharing gossips with each other. Sharing what you’re thankful for to others creates a ripple effect and your friends or families will also think of the things that they are grateful for thus eliminating the negative things from the conversation. Posting it on social media is also a good idea.


5. Don’t hate, appreciate. Some people still have the crab mentality that nobody can be better than him or any other person doesn’t deserve the good life if he doesn’t have it for himself. I myself, am genuinely happy for people who are able to achieve their dreams, who gets to buy the things that they want or who betters his life in any way. We should not be bitter and think that we are the only ones entitled to a good life. Archibald Rutledge once said that the one of the sanest, surest, and most generous joys of life comes from being happy over the good fortune of others.


In conclusion, an attitude of gratitude can be cultivated everyday by simply following the tips mentioned above. Everyday when you wake up, decide that it will be a good day and make the most out of it. With all the negativities surrounding us, there is always something to be thankful for. “The moment you stop and look around, you will get to know that you have so many small moments full of happiness. So just be thankful, as many others don’t have these moments. There are also some who do, but can’t visualize them; and even some who have, but can’t appreciate them.”Vikrmn, 10 Golden Steps of Life



  1. I’ve kept a diary for as long as I’ve been able to write and I have to say I would go crazy without it! I have lots of friends who’ve tried and failed to keep one though, so I love the idea of a gratitude journal – great way to keep the positive without committing to long format writing!

  2. I love love love this. Most times I get stuck on what to be happy about. I get lost in my obvious problems and sometimes I neglect the little things that gave me happiness, even though for a little while. Permit this as a guest post? 😃

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    A grateful man is a humble man. He has no illusions of his grandeur. He knows that bad things happen to good ppl. He knows how easily a rally can turn into a slump. He knows how much worse off many others are than he is. He understands the sacrifices others make on his behalf. And he deeply, deeply appreciates them. It truly makes my heart smile to witness the acts of gratitude ppl share.

    Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a gift and not giving it. -William Arthur Ward

    Awesome post, Mark!

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