Everything Apple Announced: September 7 Special Event

The event started with a video of Apple CEO Tim Cook carpooling with James Corden and later joined by Pharrell. He announced that in the coming days, they will release the complete video of Tim’s carpool karaoke.

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He then entered the arena where he was applauded by the audience. He gave a brief update on Apple Music which now has 17 million subscribers thanks to exclusive releases by today’s most relevant artists.

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The App store on the other hand has now amassed 140 billion total App Store downloads.

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He then announced the launch of the newest Super Mario game which will be available exclusively on the iPhone. He called on Nintendo’s Miyamoto Sun to explain how the game will be played and launched Mario stickers for iMessage as well.

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Iwork’s new feature was announced and it’s now capable of making collaborationsย in real time – private or public, on a Mac, iPhone, iPad and web.

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Then it was time for new products announcement.

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First off is the Apple Watch Series 2. It comes with a new processor, brighter display, GPS, fitness sensors and is now swim proof so you can wear your watch with confidence in the water.

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Then Apple partnered with Nike to launch the Apple Watch Nike+. It has additional features and is more concentrated on helping you to be fit.

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The Apple Watch Series 2 will be available starting September 16 with a $369 price tag and the first generation Apple Watch will still be available at a $269 price point.

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Tim gave a short review on how the iPhone has changed the world and announced that it has now sold over 1 billionย unit all over the world.

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Then they officially launched the newest iPhones aptly called iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

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One of the most notable features of the new iPhones is that they are now dust and water resistant.

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They have also upgraded the camera to 7mp from 5mp on the previous models. That means better selfies for everyone!

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The iPhone 7 Plus has a unique dual camera that allows up to 10x digital zoom.

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The new iPhones come with built in stereo speakers which are 2x louder than the previous models.

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The rumours were true and Apple is now getting rid of the analog earphone jacks in favour of the lighting port. But not to worry, they have included an adaptor out of the box if we still want to use our outdated earphones.

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They also launched what they call a breakthrough in design, the AirPods. These are basically wireless earphones that can detect when you’re ready to listen to music or answer calls.

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They bragged about the battery being the longest battery ever in an iPhone. I hope it really lasts longer asย everyone’s on their phone all day everyday.


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Pricing: The iPhone 7 starts at $649 and the iPhone 7 Plus starts at $749.

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They’ve ditched the 16gb capacity and the smallest one now starts at 32gb with 256gb being the highestย with jet black available only at 128gb and 256gb capacities.

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Pre orders start on September 9 and below is the list of countries that will be receiving the first batch of the newest iPhones.

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Sia closed the event by singing two of her latest hits. Overall, it was great and I think everyone will be leaving on a high note. And now it’s time to put the leaks and rumours to rest and it’s time to save up to buy the latest offerings by Apple.

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iOS10 will be available on September 13 for all the compatible devices and make sure you set a reminder as this update is probably the most feature packed out of all the releases.




    • I always go for the big one with the highest capacity so I’m leaning on the iPhone 7 Plus 256gb. I’m currently using the 1st generation iPhone 6 Plus and I’m still very happy with this. If Apple is not releasing a new one, I won’t replace this. I just need a better camera as I just bring my phone when I do my reviews. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Thank you for sharing this post. I’m very please to see Tim Cook’s leadership. I cried when Steve Jobs passed. I read his book almost in one setting. I have my share of Apple products. Thank you for visiting my blog and follow.

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