Lights Out ★★★★

When her little brother, Martin, experiences the same events that once tested her sanity, Rebecca works to unlock the truth behind the terror, which brings her face to face with an entity that has an attachment to their mother, Sophie.


Lights Out is a great horror film adapted for the modern world. The first few scenes already gave viewers a taste of what’s to come and all throughout the movie, the scary scenes were paced out very well. There were some moments where there are loads of conversations but I believe those are essential to explain the back story and for viewers to understand why and how those things are occurring today.


The casting was great. Starting from the kid who appeared to be really scared but acted mature at the same time, then to Teresa Palmer who appears to be unafraid and have no care in the world but was protective of her brother, to her boyfriend who is the typical bad guy but is really good, to the mother who is supposed to look crazy but still has to watch over her children. They all did a great job and I have to commend Diana who was very convincing in her role as well.


Ironically, considering the title is ‘Lights Out’, I liked how they made sure that we can still see whatever is happening even if it’s supposed to be dark. I had no hard time watching the dark scenes compared to other horror films where you can barely see what’s happening and is a struggle to see when the lights are out. Also, a great factor why you will enjoy this film is because of the scoring. Every single scary scene was accompanied with scary music that will keep you interested and excited and terrified out of your wits.


Overall, Lights Out is everything that you wanted in a horror film and more. It will keep your heart racing from the beginning and it’s a good thing they were able to hold it all throughout the film. Just thinking about the concept of something that will only appear in the dark is spooky in itself. The movie is entertaining and I liked the fact that they didn’t rely on gore and a lot of killing or sex to come up with a really great film. Lights Out is a simple movie with a good story, great acting and a scary character, add all of these together and you have the formula for an effective horror film.


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