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With a stifling number of men’s salons and grooming centres in Dubai,  it’s often tough to decipher the good from the bad and to know which barber to trust with your precious locks of luscious hair – after all, it is often said: “Your hair is your crowning glory.”

Like it or loathe it,  even the most alpha-macho male feels on top of his game after a good shave and haircut, and by all means there is nothing wrong with a little male pampering session, believe me!


So it’s a good thing I found out about Jalal Hafed – also known as @DubaiHairstylist, I’ll never look at a modest trim and shave in the same way again. His salon – Mia Dolce is located on the second  floor of Sofitel Hotel Dubai Downtown and Jalal aka @DubaiHairstylist co-owns the branch with Shady Sarkes.

Together they form ‘the dream team’. Forming the body of the salon, Jalal boasts over 10 years of hairdressing experience, specialising  in mens haircare, grooming, styling and  cuts. A credit to himself, Mr @DubaiHairstylist will make you feel like his most important customer from start to finish.


Having been in Dubai for over five years and worked for well-known salons across the emirate,  Jalal has steadily built up a strong client base, which led him into opening his own venture.

Despite only having his own base  just shy of a year, you’ll need to book in advance to get an appointment. The salon is open from 09:00 AM – 09:00 PM Sunday-Thursday and opens on Saturday for weekend hours. Upon request and prior booking a home service can be organised too.


A credit to his skillset, Jalal already has a string of celebrity clients, including: fashion designer, Walid Atallah, Mohammed Christiano and the popular rapper, Silento most popularly known for his hit song “Watch Me (Whip / Nae Nae)” to simply name a few.

Positioned in the 5-star business hotel, Sofitel Downtown Dubai is the ideal location for Jalal’s first salon in the region. Once you approach the second floor salon, you’ll immediately feel  a sense of relaxation and be right at home for your exceptional haircut.

Upon approach you will be greeted by a warm array of styling, well know haircare brands and products and it is worth noting that they only use high quality graded products from the US and the UK. As a testament to this, following my treatment and the dying of my modest offering of  hair,  I felt no itching, discomfort  or the usual tingling sensation experienced from lesser brands.


It can often be a little nerve wracking when going along to do a review, especially when it’s one that involves your personal appearance and body, and so  I thought that I would only be getting a simple haircut, but instead, true to his hospitable and charismatic nature, Jalal insisted I experience the whole shebang. And let me tell you, Jalal cut no corners (excuse the pun) when delivering this shebang.

He begun with a calming shampoo and blowdry, followed by an extremely close shave which he was quick and efficient in doing so whilst chatting away and tending to my every need. He then proceeded to dye my hair – which I cannot stress enough, was completely irritation and pain free.


He even went on to wax the hair under my nose, which was again done at the speed of lightning that I didn’t even wince.

What was surprising about my entire experience is that that nothing hurt – contrary to regular belief that: “pain is beauty” based on my experience with Jalal, I beg to differ.  Even after my nose received a little bit of shock, I really liked the clean feeling after and I don’t think I’ll ever get used to having hair inside my nose again!


Jalal then proceeded to cut my hair, and you can always tell if a barber really knows his trade by the way he carries himself and his scissors. It took Jalal less than a minute to decide what style I needed based on my features.  The overall cut took approximately 10 minutes, now this may not sound like a long time, but let me emphasise how nifty Jalal is with a pair of scissors and clippers, it’s almost like he becomes at one with his tools.

As expressed earlier, I am a modest man with an extremely modest offering of hair, so I was skeptical of the capabilities that my hair could extend to, but Jalal exceeded all expectations and made me feel 10 years younger with a new style and fresh trim.


Anyone who knows me personally would know that my hair is thin and so they would think I look older than I really am. I have accepted the fact that it is what it is and I can’t have great good looks and tufts of hair too! But of course, the hairstyling fairy- godfather had a solution, Jalal informed me that he could “cover up the bald and thin patches to make it look fuller.” Of course, once again  I was skeptical, but at this stage having stuffed wax filled cotton buds up my nose with great results, I naturally trusted him.


He went on to tinker about my hair with a powder, fixing this and that hair strand him. When he had finished, I was at a loss for words. Within the space of 10 seconds I had grown what felt like a mullet on top of my head! The patches were full and there was no lack of authenticity – it really looked like my real hair. Just look at the before and after pictures for yourself.

Overall, I am ecstatic at the results of the haircut and styling by Jalal. I came in just expecting an average haircut but he gave me more than what I had expected and he truly personalised my entire experience to the point that  I’m completely satisfied with my new barnet.

I felt like a new person and I would highly recommend going to his shop to personally experience his styling and the other services that they offer. A regular haircut only costs AED150 but if you really want to feel like a rockstar and you want the whole shebang just like what I had, you only have to shell out around AED300. This is really a great value for your money and I think leaving the shop feeling like a million bucks is priceless.


To book an appointment and experience it for yourself, call 04 503 6332.

He is currently running a promotion on his Facebook page. All you have to do is like and share his page to be in the running to win a complete makeover package. You can also check out his Instagram page here.


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