Avec, Dubai Media City

Avec is a restaurant located at the ground floor of the business tower Al Thuraya 2 in Dubai Media City. It has a bright interior and exterior that you will definitely not miss.



IMG_0768.JPGWhen you enter the place, you will be greeted by this ginormous statue of a lady that I’m not sure if sleeping or meditating or just hanging around the place with her eyes closed.

In the middle of it all is the open kitchen and on the side is the salad bar. On the right is a closed area for smokers and shisha lovers. OnΒ the left is the main dining area and in the center are reading materials that you can borrow and some magazines that you can take with you. On the far left is a workspace where you can do your thing without being interrupted.


Some people come here just to order something but mostly because they like the huge space where they can take their work with them. We always come here during lunch time because in the location that we have, there are only limited dining options so we are somewhat forced to eat here.


Their menu offers a lot of options that include appetizers, soups, pasta, pizza, sandwiches and the pricier specialties like fish fillet and roast beef. I have been here multiple times and they haveΒ been consistent with the quality and the taste of the food, they’re not good.


For example, this burger looks and tasted dry. We asked that the beef should be well done but when they served it, you can see that a part of it is still pink. I alwaysΒ order the chicken quesadilla because it tasted good the first time I tried it and it tasted different the second time and it was different again on the third time. I also tried their pepperoni pizza and it looked fresh. By fresh I meant it looked like they just bought it fresh from the supermarket and was just heated in their oven. I also ordered a calamari and I have never seen a calamari that burnt in my life. They were dark brown and was rubbery.


Let’s talk about the service. For the multiple times that we have been here, we have always asked for the condiments to be placed in the table so we don’t keep asking for the salt or pepper or ketchup or tissue every time. The waiters here are inattentive and act like they don’t see customers. We have been waving our hands like we’re stranded in the middle of the ocean but no one seems to notice. I’m not sure if they are short staffed or are just trained to ignore customers. Even asking for the bill takes time and most people just go straight to the counter because they are in a hurry.


Overall, we always have an awful dining experience at Avec. We gave the restaurant too many chances to improve and thought that maybe they were just having a bad day but the lousy service, unappetizing and tasteless food have been consistent and I don’t think they will ever change. So long and thank you but we are definitely not coming back. I would recommend this place though if you like eating bland and unsavory food and ifΒ you don’t mind being overlooked and paid no attention to. If I were to rate the restaurant on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest, I would give it a generous 1. If it’s possible to give it a zero, I’d give them that if I’m being honest.

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