Jabra Halo Fusion Bluetooth Earphones

With the advent of the new iPhone and the departure of the audio jack, I’m predicting an influx of compatible bluetooth earphones in the coming months. Apple wants people to adjust and adapt to wireless technology and make use of the Bluetooth capability of their phones.

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The new iPhones come with an adapter but sometimes it’s a bit of a hassle to just look for it to connect the phone and listen to your music. I’m slowly getting accustomed to connecting most of my gadgets to bluetooth like the mouse to my laptop and my phone to the car stereo. When you think about it, this Bluetooth technology somehow makes life easier.


So last night, I was on the hunt for a wireless earphones and since I was in the Deira area and was close to Al Ghurair Centre, I went there and saw Emax. It was already late and so I didn’t have time to choose the best one but according to the recommendation of the sales guy, I got this Jabra Halo Fusion. It’s called fusion because you can answer calls and you can also listen to music as well.


The packaging is very simple, the carton feels soft and wobbly so I wasn’t that impressed but out of all the options, this one looked like the best choice. As soon as you open the box, you will see the actual earphones and a smaller box with extra earplugs, usb cable and instruction manuals. It’s pretty simple, it was light, it was decent but didn’t feel like a premium product.


I charged it for a bit as it seems like it wasn’t turning on. I tried it after 5 minutes and had a bit of a difficulty figuring out how it’s supposed to be worn. I connected it to my phone and true to the instructions, it was as easy as 1-2-3. It connected instantly without asking for a code. I also tried connecting it to the Apple Watch and it also was effortless.


I tested a few songs and I wasn’t impressed at the sound quality at all. I found the volume to be very low even if I already chose the loudest setting on my phone and on the earphones itself. It lacked bass and has no punch. I tried a video on YouTube and the volume was really low. It was a bit disappointing knowing that although it wasn’t that expensive, it also wasn’t cheap. Maybe the battery is low so I will do a few more tests to confirm that that is the max volume.


Overall, after using it for 3 days, I feel that this particular earphones are not for me. The volume is just way too low for my needs and although I cannot hear the outside noise, I cannot feel my music the way that I do with my Sennheiser set. For the AED289 price tag, I don’t think one can get the bang for his buck. I believe you can find better ones than this and I might probably sell it at half the price just to get rid of it. It’s not the worst but it’s definitely not for me. I think this is best for people who work out, who run, who listens to podcasts and just anyone who doesn’t need the loudness that I’m looking for in an earphone.


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