I.T. ★★★

Mike Regan has everything he could ever want, a beautiful family and a top of the line smart house. The company he owns is on the verge of changing flight leasing forever. That is, until the relationship with his closest advisor turns nasty, to the point where his teenage daughter is being stalked and his family is under attack through every technological facet of their lives.


This is one of the films where the trailer gives it all aside from the ending, of course. If you watch the trailer prior to watching the movie, it’s as if you already saw the whole thing. The plot is somewhat predictable and you just see it in the cinema hoping that it might be good and you will enjoy watching it for about an hour and a half.


The cast was ok in my opinion. Pierce Brosnan as usual was very good in playing the role of a rich businessman and father. I don’t think I liked the portrayal of James Frecheville as the villain, Ed Porter though. He was supposed to be a psychopath but at times I felt like he was still auditioning for the role. The daughter and the mother I felt can also be played by other actresses as I don’t think they were convincing enough. The whole cast made me feel like I’m watching a rehearsal instead of the actual movie, they just weren’t that believable. 


The story was moderately paced. At times, it was rushed and at times, it was dragging. It was not coherent enough and the transitions were not smooth. The cinematography was quite good although there were scenes where it was difficult to see what’s on screen. And to be perfectly honest, I don’t remember anything about the music and the scoring. Most of the time, it was just the actors talking with no background music at all so you don’t anticipate the suspense of what’s coming next.

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 8.56.10 AM.png

Overall, considering all the points mentioned, it was still a decent movie. It’s one of those If-you’ve-seen-one, you’ve-seen-them-all kind. There was nothing new, there were details that were just irrational and sometimes not plausible. It was somewhat enjoyable and not a complete waste of time. There were light moments and at least you can be reminded that technology although can be useful can also be used as a threat to someone’s life and can completely ruin everything. It was ok but the whole movie screams of cliché, cliché and more clichés.


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