The iPhone 7 Plus review you never thought you needed

The iPhone 7 Plus was launched in the special event by Apple last September 7 and although no major innovations and changes were announced in terms of the looks and design, it still created a major buzz in the whole world and it trended for hours that night.


Fast forward to September 18 which is the official release in selected countries, luckily UAE is one of the chosen ones to receive the first batch of the much coveted iPhones. Stocks were already running out fast and it’s really difficult to find a store selling them especially if you miss the pre order period. I scoured each store of about 3 malls and finally found one selling the one that I wanted.


They were selling it at AED600 more than the suggested retail price but I didn’t care, I didn’t want to go home empty handed so I just bought it. I got the 256gb iPhone 7 Plus, Matte Black just because I thought the shiny one will only look good when it’s new. I was so happy with my purchase that I tinkered with it until 3am. I don’t know, there’s nothing new really but just the smell and the thought of a new phone brought out the kid in me. This was my early Christmas gift to myself.

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 12.53.52 PM.png

Packaging. It’s still the usual, nothing much has changed. You get the usb cable, wall charger, manuals, the stickers and this time, you get an earphone adaptor because if you haven’t checked, they got rid of the 3.5mm audio jack. I’m ok with it actually. I thought it would be a big deal but it’s not, at least the phone got slimmer.


Performance. Of course, it will be fast but having used an iPhone 6 Plus before this, I’m already accustomed to the snappy processor and so I didn’t really notice a big difference. The one major update with the phone is the home button and the haptic feedback. It’s more distinct this time because you cannot press it all the way down and instead it resembles the keyboard of the new Macbook. They did that to make sure that the phone will be water and dust resistant.


Camera. With a bit of editing, this is the first picture that I took with my phone. If this doesn’t impress you of the incredible quality of the camera of the iPhone 7, then I don’t know what will.


And this is the video I took of the pool with no editing whatsoever. The new camera is amazing, period.

Battery. I’m a heavy user and I open my phone every 5 minutes so I’m already happy if it can last a day without charging with the apps and the data connection open as well. So far, it has lasted more than a day unplugged and with all the apps and brightness at maximum. I have no complaints about the battery of this one.


Dust and Water Resistance. This is where I don’t understand Apple. They announced that it was just resistant to dust and water but the truth is, it is actually waterproof. I first tried it in the shower and then went further and swam with it. The phone has a IP67 rating which in layman’s terms simply means it is completely dust resistant and protected against the effect of immersion between 15cm and 1m. I used it in the water for about an hour or so and was taking calls, pictures and videos and was even on Facetime at the pool so I can definitely confirm that it is waterproof.


Recommendation. Need I say more? Buy the new iPhone! Apple had me at the hidden waterproof feature. Now I don’t need to worry about it getting wet or getting sand or dust, it’s resistant to those. Add the amazing new camera and battery life and you get the best phone out there. I really don’t care much about the demise of the headphone jack because you have an adaptor included or you can use bluetooth anyway. I know Apple wants to go wireless all the way and I’m fine with that. I can’t wait till the copycats remove the audio jack in their phones as well. Change is good and once again Apple has proven that normal is boring. You might think you’re paying a premium price today but in the long run, you will realize that it’s all worth it. I’ve had 2 years of optimal usage on my 6 Plus and I was still able to sell it at a good price. And to conclude, here’s a quote from the Apple CEO himself, Tim Cook “Price is rarely the most important thing. A cheap product might sell some units. Somebody gets it home and they feel great when they pay the money, but then they get it home and use it and the joy is gone.”


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