Hydrafacial MD at Kempinski Spa

HydraFacial is an advanced medical-grade skin care treatment that targets fine lines and wrinkles; congested, oily and acne prone skin; rosacea and hyper-pigmentation.


So before you judge me, let me just say that since I arrived in Dubai, I have never had any treatment on my face. I used to have it cleaned back home but in here, I’m just not sure where to go so when I went to Kempinski Ajman over the weekend, I tried this popular treatment that former guests were raving about.


The Hydrafacial treatment rooms are located inside The Kempinski Spa which was surprisingly a quiet place even if it was in the hotel. Outside you can hear children playing and a lot of people having fun but when you enter the spa, you will be undisturbed and you will definitely experience tranquility. They have a minimalist design only displaying the products and it smelled really nice inside.


First of all, Hydrafacial is basically for everyone. It is tailored for all skin types, and you can see immediate results right after the treatment. It’s basically painless and unlike other facial treatments, this one has no downtime. It’s a multi-step procedure, which consists of the spa treatments as well as the daily care at home procedure. I can attest to the fact that there is really no discomfort because at times, I almost fell asleep. I did enjoy it, a lot.


My treatment was done by Wei Wei, a Thai national who I can say was very knowledgeable about the procedure and she was able to explain the steps to me before she even proceeded with the treatment.


First, she cleansed and exfoliated the face where the dead skin cells are removed to reveal healthy new skin. Then she proceeds with the Acid Peel that helps loosen dirt and debris from the pores without irritation. The next step was extraction and I must admit that by this time, I was a bit nervous because I hate needles and I have a low tolerance for pain. It’s a good thing the extractions were painless, and it’s just like cleaning a dirty carpet. The automated extractions use vacuum technology to draw out impurities in the skin.
Then I felt a cool sensation on my face as she does the hydration to nourish and protect the face. It was so good overall, I didn’t want it to end.


I didn’t notice the time pass by and I was pleasantly surprised that it has been 60 minutes already. She showed me the mirror and I instantly saw the difference in my face. The whiteheads and blackheads were gone and it was just awesome. Then she showed me this bottle where the dirt from the vacuum goes and you can see the tiny bits and pieces of dead skin cells and the impurities that were extracted from my face. I thought my face looked clean whenever I look in the mirror but the treatment proved otherwise.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the results of Hydrafacial. All the dirt that were accumulated in 4 years are now gone and I felt really clean afterwards. This treatment reminded me of the old saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” because just when you think your face is clean, it definitely is not. I highly recommend you to try this treatment as it will not only give you benefits like increase in circulation and the flow of blood, but they can also help relieve stress and encourage peace of mind and add confidence.

The price for the 60-minute Hydrafacial is AED550 and to book your treatment, you may call +971 6 714 5533 or send an email to spa.ajman@kempinski.com

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