Bukhara is just one of the many f&b outlets located inside the Kempinski Hotel in Ajman. The traditional Indian restaurant offers a rich heritage of authentic Indian cuisine, cooked in the live-cooking show kitchen. 


As you step inside the restaurant, you would feel like you’re transported into the old times, to another era, one where everything has to be handmade and started from scratch. The jars and the clothes on the wall are reminiscent of the stone age and I like the consistency of the decor and the individual pieces that they have put together. I also have to mention that the lighting was congenial and was perfect for the place.


Before we started ordering, they gave us this complimentary crispy papadum with papaya topping and chutney dip. I can’t believe that this plain looking thin, crisp, disc-shaped food can be so flavorful. I also ordered their bestseller drink, the mango lassi. I have been to other Indian restaurants and they all serve this and I’m glad Bukhara’s tasted the same if not better.

Their menu was a nice addition which is creative and I instantly thought of the stones held by Moses where the 10 commandments were written. For the food, we were not really hungry and only wanted something light so we ordered a sampler of their grilled prawn, chicken and lambchops. We also had black lentils and my favorite bread, nan. They don’t have the garlic nan in the menu but I said I wanted that and they happily agreed to prepare that for me. I definitely enjoyed the platter that they served and they were all scrumptious to the point that I wanted to lick the plate clean. 😋


Though I didn’t see a lot of waiters, they were very efficient and served everything in time. I also saw some of the guests talking to the manager like they were friends so maybe they are regular diners of the restaurant. The prices of the food I think were reasonable considering the quality of the ingredients and the ambiance and just the taste of the food itself.


All in all, I definitely enjoyed dining at Bukhara. Yes, it’s one of the many Indian restaurants in the country but it differentiates itself by having the most authentic and palatable offerings to diners. If you’re not exactly in Ajman, I would recommend a drive to this beautiful city because if you haven’t tried dining here, then you’re definitely missing out on the appetizing and delectable dishes that they serve in the restaurant. I loved it and would definitely visit again if I’m ever in Ajman.
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