Kempinski Hotel Ajman Staycation

The Kempinski Hotel in Ajman is an ideal location for a quick getaway. Compared to Dubai, Ajman has a more relaxed atmosphere and not as fast paced. The hotel boasts of a large number of  luxurious rooms and suites , numerous choices of restaurants  and bars, as well as a spa  and fitness centre. These allows guests to tailor their stay to suit their needs whether they are staying for business or for pleasure. They are also proud of the stunning views of the Persian Gulf and the idyllic private beach, with glorious white sands and turquoise waters.


We arrived late in the evening on Thursday and we were greeted by the valet parking attendant that offered to help with our bags. We didn’t bring a lot so we didn’t really need the help but another staff insisted and showed us to our room after checking in. It was late at night and it was quiet but we were very happy upon seeing the view from our room.


I was also delighted with the welcome note and sweets from Terje, the PR Manager of the hotel.


I was impressed with the room and fascinated by the fact that it did look as good as in the picture ‘coz you know some pictures are edited too much that it deviates from the actual thing. We then rested and prepared to sleep. I don’t know what’s the secret of hotel beds and pillows but they are so soft and snug that I had a good night’s sleep and felt refreshed the next morning.


The next day, we had our breakfast at Cafe Kranzler. Usually the room packages come with the breakfast but if it doesn’t, then you can always come and inquire about the buffet. They have a wide selection of everything including the most popular breakfast staple, bacon. I don’t think a lot of hotels serve bacon in their breakfast menu so we were very happy to see that it’s included here.


You also have the omelet cooked fresh in front of you as well as the usual soups and salads and fresh fruits. There ‘s a lot to choose from and these will definitely give you the energy to wander through the hotel for the day.


In the pool, they also have a bar where you can order drinks and some snacks. The pool is big enough and I didn’t feel that it was crowded.


They have a smaller kiddie pool behind the bar and loungers all around. The pool is very clean and as you can see in the video below, it’s so relaxing to just dip in here and have some drinks on the side.

In between, we tried the bowling and the billiards at Cosmic Bowling. The lights were startling and definitely complemented the whole theme of the playing area. There’s also a bar where you can order your snacks and favorite drinks, (alcoholic ones included).


Their staff have all been consistently nice and courteous and would greet not just us but all the other guests as well. They looked genuinely happy while doing their day to day routine. It reminded me of the quote from Anne M. Mulcahy which says “Employees who believe that management is concerned about them as a whole person – not just an employee – are more productive, more satisfied, more fulfilled. Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers, which leads to profitability”. 


We then strolled to the beach and we noticed that the sand was so fine, you don’t need your slippers to walk around. The water is not blue, it’s more of a turquoise color but it’s clean and warm so it was also nice to swim in it.


From the beach, you will have a great view of the exterior of the hotel. And when we got tired of swimming, we just rested on the cabanas which offered sheer comfort. It’s nice to just lay here and watch people and the sun as it sets.


Also, if you have a nomophobia like me, you’ll be pleased to know that their wifi connection is so strong, you can connect while you’re in the pool and extends all the way to the beach.


Aside from exploring the pool, beach, bowling and eating at the restaurants like Hai Tao and Bukhara inside, we also tried the Hydrafacial, an advanced medical-grade skin care treatment that targets fine lines and wrinkles; congested, oily and acne prone skin; rosacea and hyper-pigmentation. There is also a massage centre in the hotel and if you ever forget your swimming gear, there is a store inside that sells just those. They also have a salon for both men and women and they even have an ATM if you need cash on the go. Basically, everything that you need is in the hotel, all you have to do is relax and enjoy.


They say time goes by so fast when you’re having fun and I must say that the weekend passed just like that. I wanted it to be longer but no, we have to go back to reality. The staycation at Kempinski Hotel Ajman has been one of my most relaxing experiences ever since I stepped into the sands of Dubai.


Pampered is the word that can best describe how the staff of the hotel took care of us and made sure we had everything that we needed for the duration of our stay. If you’re ever thinking of where to go for a quick getaway to escape the hustle and bustle of the Dubai life, then a staycation at Kempinski Hotel in Ajman might be one of your best bets. People think it’s far but the truth is, it’s just 30 minutes away from Dubai. It’s peaceful, quiet and relaxing, the formula for the perfect getaway. To book your stay, visit their website or call +971 6 714 5555.


Now, when’s the next holiday? 😉


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