Pappa Roti World Trade Centre

PappaRoti is an international chain of coffee shops renowned for its signature buns. This tremendously successful chain offers not just scrumptious new food and beverage options, but it’s also a veritable assault on the senses. Right from the distinctive aroma that entices customers, to the visually appealing array of food and frothy drinks, and the delectable taste that has garnered wide- spread acclaim.


I believe everyone is familiar with the café and they don’t really need any introduction. When you want great tasting buns, Pappa Roti should be the only place to go to. And a few months ago, they opened this branch at the Dubai World Trade Centre to add variety to the limited options of f&b outlets in the area.


The new shop is smaller compared to all the other branches in the malls. I believe it’s just right because people will only come here for a quick bite and not to sit back and unwind for a long time.


Although I’m familiar with the buns and coffees, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they now offer pasta dishes like lasagna and spaghetti bolognese. I think they also added more drinks to the menu and I ordered the strawberry smoothie.


I was very happy with the spaghetti and I wasn’t expecting it to taste that good. The aroma of the coffee and the  buns were excellent as expected.


The staff were efficient and they were quick to serve the food. I believe they were trained to be quick and aware that every customer is always in a hurry in a busy place like this. My only gripe was this tube of ice that obviously wasn’t blended very well.


Overall, considering I was in a hurry but still wanted good food, I was really satisfied with the dining experience at this particular branch of Pappa Roti. For a no fuss, quick and clean food, I would definitely recommend and come back to this place. You can never go wrong with the finest fresh buns paired with coffee or your choice of drink.


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