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I saw a post on Instagram about the Big Brunch Collection by The Address hotels and asked myself why I have never tried going to any of their restaurants. We’ve had events at their hotels but have never really tried dining in any of their speciality restaurants so I searched their website and learned that they have a Lebanese night every Friday.


I am of course not Lebanese but I have tried their food before and I like it. And every Friday for the past 2 months have been spent on brunches so I thought I’ll try a different time instead and go to the Lebanese night at Na3Na3 at The Address Dubai Mall.



At first, I thought it read Naenae and that it’s a requirement to whip before you enter the restaurant but later on found out that it was read as just “Nana”. The restaurant is located near the connecting walkway from the Dubai Mall to the hotel so you will not miss it if you’re coming from the mall.



The ambiance was intimate, dim in the dining area but well lit in the buffet section. The ceiling is high and the restaurant is spacious enough to accommodate more or less 200 people at once. They also have a live cooking station outside where you can see fresh catches being grilled before your eyes. They also have outdoor seating for when you feel that it’s too cold inside. From here, there is a nice view of the water coming from the infinity pool upstairs as well as a view of the other hotels in the area.



Looking at the food offerings, I was happy to see that there was a section for cheese, salads, poultry, different types of arabic bread, salads and desserts. I know that Lebanese food and the people are big on whole grain, fruits, vegetables, starches, fresh fish and seafood and that’s exactly what is offered in the Lebanese night at Na3Na3.


As posted, there was a live singer and a belly dancer that made the night more entertaining, interesting and appealing to the diners. I was surprised to see that the guests were singing along to almost every song and considering that I don’t understand every single lyric, it was still cool and pleasing to my ears.


The service was excellent and the waiters were very attentive to the point that one waiter gave me a spoon even when I didn’t ask but just because he saw that I was about to eat my dessert. I was really impressed and gave him a thumbs up. I love this little gestures that show  they have great customer service skills.



All in all, I didn’t notice the time pass by and we spent almost 4 hours in the restaurant. That’s how enjoyable everything was last night. Na3Na3’s Lebanese night is definitely an authentic feast of tunes and tastes that presents the best of the country’s rich culinary and performance traditions, in a captivating setting. I would definitely recommend this one regardless if you’re Lebanese or not. 👍🏻

It is priced at AED260 and to book, you may call +9714 888 3444 or email:
You may also follow them on Twitter and Instagram – @TAHdubaimall

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