Al Falamanki, Jumeirah

Al Falamanki, situated opposite The Four Seasons Hotel in Jumeirah, has just opened its new terrace this month, an eclectic and relaxing venue for outdoor dining. Al Falamanki, transports guests to the old streets of Beirut and carries diners on a culinary journey of traditional Lebanese food, offering a dash of old city in modern Dubai.


We tried coming here on a Monday evening and the first thing that we noticed is the homey atmosphere. They offer valet services outside and they have access on two sides, one in Jumeirah road and another one at the back near the residential area.

We were greeted by their supervisor first and then later on by the manager, Hussein. I asked them what’s good and they have suggested the bestsellers. Browsing the menu, it looked like every single dish is a bestseller. I like my grilled stuff and my cheese rolls so was very happy to see that it’s there.

While waiting for the food, we can’t help but admire the place and how cozy the terrace is. Inside is a capacious venue that I’m predicting will become a diner’s post-midnight ‘home from home’, where friends can come together to play traditional games in a relaxed but lively setting. We saw a group playing cards outside and it really looked like they are just at home. The space that seats 300, will transport patrons far from the daily chaos of Dubai life.

Diners would also appreciate the extraordinarily comfortable couches and chairs. I like the fact that they chose different designs and styles but it complemented the overall look and feel of the place. The diverse furnishings reflect the home of Mr. Al Falamanki and transport guests back to the heydays of 1960’s Beirut once known as the Paris of the Middle East. You will definitely have a great time catching up with friends here.

So what about the food? We ordered cheese rolls and sauteed diced chicken as starters and they were good as expected. Then as skeptical as I was to try, I ordered the sizzling birds. Apparently, it is big in Lebanon where they hunt these small birds and cook them after. I tried it and it’s actually pretty good. It’s different and new to me but it was good especially with the sauce.

For the mains, we ordered these ginormous prawns, skewers and the cherry kafta that they all have recommended. We have no words, they are all distinctly tasty and presented nicely as you can see in the pictures.

We already like the place, the food and the ambiance but one more thing that we liked the most about it is the service. Every single waiter was hands on and attentive to the needs of the diners. The service was just impeccable and exemplary. Then I thought of taking a picture from the top to get the best view of the terrace. I knew I wouldn’t be allowed but I still asked. I was expecting to be turned down but instead they told me that to be able to go to the rooftop, it will involve climbing the steep staircase and they asked if I wouldn’t mind. I said sure, let’s go for it, all for the love of blogging. 😍

All in all, I didn’t expect I will like Al Falamanki that much. I now know why the place is always packed every single day not to mention that the prices are also reasonable and economical. Open from 10am until 5am, you should definitely try to experience the latest outdoor dining terrace which is perfect as the Dubai weather cools down. A lot of people are saying this place or that place is a hidden gem but Al Falamanki literally is the hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Lucky are those who have discovered it already, it really is quite a find.


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