Motivational Weekend

The National Achievers Congress has finally been brought to Dubai, thanks to the local organizers, Najahi Events. The National Achievers Congress is a 2-day event happening on a weekend where the organizers bring a stellar line up of motivational speakers to talk to thousands of people in a certain area. They have been all over the world and I was excited that I will get to finally experience it for myself.


This multi-speaker event has been running for 23 years worldwide, with people from all walks of life attending to be inspired, coached and mentored by the world’s best leaders. The line up includes popular speakers and some of them that I have only heard of now. Regardless of that fact, I was still excited because I know that every single one of them has a story to tell that I can definitely learn something from. The energy of the crowd is something that I have never seen ever in Dubai. Even when I attend concerts and everyone is excited, there is something special being surrounded by positive people and their contagious energy.


The event is hosted by an Emirati columnist and celebrity, Khalid Al Ameri who was inspiring as well. I like his attitude and positivity and the rapport that he had with the audience. Luckily, because he is just nice, I got to take a selfie with him during the break.


The first to speak was Robert Tang, who started his business after he was laid off. He started by organizing an event for a non profit organization and it did well and now he is organizing the biggest event on the planet which is the National Achievers Congress. I approached him and he was very down to earth and asked me where I’m from and you can tell that he is a genuinely good hearted person.


Next is His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, the Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development. He talked about entrepreneurship in the UAE and how supportive the government is of local businesses. I think it’s only in the UAE where the government actually supports and triumphs entrepreneurship and maybe that’s the reason why the country is flourishing.


Next up is Robert Kiyosaki. He is best known for his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad which I’m sure everybody has read at some point in their life. He was inspiring and just his presence made me happy and I felt lucky to be in the same room with him. He talked about his experiences and how we should not try to be an employee all our lives. We should aspire to be business owners or investors to really have financial freedom. You can follow him on Twitter or his Facebook page and luckily for me again, he retweeted my tweet to his 1million followers. And he’s not even in that picture!

Then Ali Al Saloom took to the stage his antics and animated story telling. He talked about his story when he finished his studies in the U.S. but was made a bellboy in a hotel instead of a general manager. His father wanted him to learn a valuable lesson that everybody should start from the bottom and work their way to the top. I vividly remember his final thoughts about being a bellboy that it’s not just about opening doors, it’s about opening your heart and soul and welcoming your guests into your life.

Kevin Green talked about building wealth through property, gold, silver and advanced business training. He has a lot of properties in the UK  and Dubai and is a social entrepreneur that likes to give back.


Next up is the most interesting speaker for me, Pen Joon. He came from Malaysia and started with a laptop and was only leeching from the internet connection at a nearby Starbucks. I like his story and his attitude and I have learned a lot from his session on how to work remotely and automate the process so your business works for you even when you’re sleeping. I hope I can put that into place and make it work for me as well.

Day 2 started with His Highness Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Al Nahyan of the Humanitarian & Scientific Foundation talking about the Entrepreneurship Scenario in the UAE. He encouraged everyone to think of ideas and put them into action because the government will be there to support them.


Lady Michelle Mone was next and she flew all the way to Dubai just to speak for an hour or so and she left quickly. I admire her though because in that one hour, she was able to shed light and give the right tools and mindset to manage and optimize what you have in hand to help you in your journey of success; whether as an employee, and employer, or even an individual. I like her story of coming from a poor family and her determination to succeed despite the setbacks and obstacles that came her way.


Andy Harrington talked about the powerful and effective presentation tactics for business. At age 28, he was working in Insurance, making £1,500 a month and at one point in his life, he hit rock bottom, but was able to turn his life around and started a company that is still thriving today and pulling in over £50 million.

Happiness is contagious and research shows that happiness in the work environment increases performance which leads to increased profitability.  There is a myth that success will make you happy, but the truth is happiness is what makes you successful and this is what Andrew Matthews, the expert in how to be happy no matter what, highlighted at the event. I think his talk was the shortest but I must say it had the most impact on me.


Sandy Jadeja discussed trading within the current economic climate and using this to your benefit. Learning how to protect yourself and wealth and minimizing the risks is an important topic that he has taught the audience.


I must say that this weekend was probably the most important weekend of my life because I have learned a lot from all these speakers. It’s an amazing feeling to be surrounded by like minded achieving individuals who share the same values as you. I never go to events by myself but for this one, I made an exception. I’m glad I did because I met a lot of great people that I would have never got a chance to talk to if I came with someone.


The world’s greatest achievers have shared the vehicles they have been using themselves for years to help other people move closer to the life of their dreams. I left the arena last night feeling inspired with a goal, a plan, a strategy and the business connections that I believe will support me in my journey to success. And if there’s one thing that I will always remember from the last 2 days, it would be to “Think Big, but start small”.

“You’re only poor if you give up. The most important thing is that you did something. Most people only talk and dream of getting rich. You’ve done something.”  – Robert Kiyosaki




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