Bosporus, Wafi Mall

Bosporus as what it says in their tagline is your bridge to Turkey. That is because the Bosporus is a link between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. It is an important shipping route for Russia, whose northern routes are mostly blocked by ice in winter, and for other nations that border the Black Sea or use any of the many major rivers that flow into it.


In Dubai, Bosporus is simply the restaurant that will be your bridge to Turkey through its food, service, entertainment and the overall atmosphere of the city. It connects the people of Dubai with the exquisite Kebab cuisine of Turkey. Bosporus is a place where the good old days are very well and alive, where you can feel the authenticity of Turkey and all its magical flavors, aromas, and adventure.


I came here on a Wednesday night to try their offerings and to see if it’s worth recommending or not. I’ve only been to one Turkish restaurant in Dubai before so I don’t have a vast knowledge of the culture and the food so I didn’t really set high expectations for this one.


The restaurant is located inside Wafi Mall near the food court close to some other f&b outlets. As soon as you step inside, you will immediately feel like you’re at home. The warm lights and the friendly environment is very welcoming and you’ll be amazed at the spacious venue. We seated outside and it with this kind of weather, it couldn’t be anymore perfect.


There are also private rooms for when you want to dine quietly and they have products from Turkey on display. You can also see that there is a station where they bake the bread and a brick oven where you can watch the actual process of preparing the food. It is best known for their shisha and I saw a lot of customers dining with shisha on the side.


When they started serving the food, I was astounded by the generous servings and the amount of food in each plate. It was definitely a feast and I love how they presented every dish.


It’s not just a simple putting it down in our table, they briefly explained what it’s made of and how it’s made and at times, there was an elaborate show complete with fire and smoke.


The food as expected was good but what amazed me more was the service. I feel like everyday they are prepared and expect a lot of guests so they decided to have this sort of communication device to make it easier and faster to serve customers. I was really impressed at how quick and efficient each one of them was. When I ordered a drink, it didn’t take them more than 5 minutes to serve it.


To sum up, I was completely filled up as we finished dining at Bosporus. I enjoyed the food, the excellent service, the entertainment and the overall atmosphere of the restaurant.


I was completely satisfied having experienced the delicious kebabs without ever leaving Dubai and I’m already looking forward to coming back and hopefully visiting the streets of Taksim where this all originated.

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