Taste of Italy by Heinz Beck

I’ve always dreamt of eating a meal especially prepared by a Michelin-starred chef. I’ve seen the movie Burnt and watched a few episodes of Masterchef and since then I just can’t stop thinking what it must feel like to actually eat something prepared by one.


I’m sure you were also curious about it but of course, not all of us can afford it every time. Thankfully, I have discovered Taste of Italy by Heinz Beck, a casual gourmet restaurant with fine dining quality and feel. The restaurant is prominently located at the ground floor of the Galleria Mall, a small shopping area in Al Wasl road and the man behind the restaurant is Chef Heinz Beck.


Chef Heinz Beck is one of Europe’s most respected chefs, holding five Michelin stars and associated with some of the most renowned fine dining restaurants across the world. “Taste of Italy by Heinz Beck” is the celebrated chef’s first casual restaurant concept, offering diners the chance to indulge in gourmet cuisine infused with his signature, Michelin-rated twist on Italian style home cooking.


The restaurant is massive and is somewhat divided into parts although it looks like one big space to eat and shop. When you enter, you will see the Italian products on display, a corner where they bake all the bread and pastries, a corner for gelato and other sweets, a corner for the pasta and in between all of these are the chairs where guests can dine and an outdoor seating area is available as well.


Taste of Italy by Heinz Beck features a seasonally updated menu of Italian regional cuisine.  Each dish is carefully crafted by Chef Heinz and the Taste of Italy team, and is centered around the traditional art of Italian cuisine. Food is served in a contemporary and relaxed setting that showcases the passion and care that goes into each dish.


Their menu offers a lot of options for starters and mains and desserts. We were feeling adventurous that night and instead of ordering the usual Italian food, we asked for their recommendations. Chef Federico greeted us and gave us his suggestions and it was a proper dining experience with a 4-course menu specially prepared by him and the other chefs.


We started with these good looking beef tartare, calamari, seafood salad, quinoa and salmon.


Prior to the main course, we had the margherita pizza and pasta and scampi risotto.


We were feeling full by this time and so we said we will just have the baked seabass and pan fried chicken for the main course. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting a lot from the chicken but when it was served and I tried it, it literally was bursting with flavor. It was crunchy and savory and the small sesame looking seeds are popping in your mouth as you chew and I can tell that it’s like a party inside and my taste buds are just having the time of their lives.


After this, I went and roamed around the restaurant to hopefully make room for some desserts. By this time, more people were coming in and judging by their body language and their interaction with the staff, it looked like they are regular customers of the restaurant. I also saw Chef Federico talking to the diners and checking on them and the food. Somehow I feel that when you have experienced dining here, you will definitely come back because you want to have a taste of everything on the menu.


I was checking the prices and the products and I have learned that they also have a business lunch and they deliver as well through Deliveroo. I would absolutely want to order lunch from here some other time. Their products are all baked and made fresh everyday and they also supply the pastries and bread to the other sister companies and restaurants.


Overall, I was extremely happy and satisfied with the food and service at Taste of Italy. I love how you can taste all the flavor of the food accompanied with the highest standard of service. When we finished eating, I thought to myself that it was an amazing experience and that I could get used to it. I love the concept of the restaurant and the fact that you can have a Taste of Italy in a casual environment and at the same not breaking the bank deserves a thumbs up. I’m already looking forward to the next time that I will be back to indulge in their gourmet cuisine infused with the Michelin-rated twist on Italian style home cooking.

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