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What comes to your mind when you hear the word Jamaica? For me, it’s their popular culture, the super chill people, the beach and the jams, Bob Marley of course and their quite diverse and the Rastafarian-influenced cuisine.


Luckily for the people of Dubai, Ting Irie, the first Jamaican Restaurant & Lounge in the city just opened recently. Ting is an abbreviation for everything and Irie as defined in the dictionary means nice, good, or pleasing (used as a general term of approval) so that actually is a very good name for a restaurant. Since it opened, I have always been keen on going to see and have a taste of Jamaica and probably try to be at least half as cool as their people.


Ting Irie, has a fresh modern take on Caribbean Cuisine and food for the soul.When you step inside the restaurant, it’s like entering a different planet. The interiors are cool, there are bright colors everywhere, cool graffiti everywhere even in the washrooms. There’s no doubt about the good vibes and no one’s going to stop you from jamming to Reggae, Hip Hop, and Dancehall with the best DJ’s at the coolest environment together with the hippest staff.


So one Friday afternoon, I finally decided to go and fortunately for me, they are offering a brunch menu. The Ting Irie Friday brunch priced at AED195 is one of the most enjoyable brunches I’ve ever had since I started blogging. For that price, you can get a 4-course menu that starts with soup then salad and starters, mains and then the desserts. I have to warn you though that it’s very filling so midway through, you might need to do some walking or wait for a bit before they bring out the rest of the food.

I’m not going to go into details but the bottom line is, I liked everything. I can honestly say that this is the best chicken that I have ever tasted in Dubai so far. If you are going to order just one thing on their menu, make it the Spitfiyah Jerk Chicken. But then again, I also liked the Juicy Beef Patties, Oman Chips Sliders, Oxtail Sandwich, Patty Crust Nachos and Jerk Chicken Shawarma.


You also have to try their famous Ting Colada and their version of the fresh coconut juice.

I don’t know how we managed to eat everything but the brunch won’t be complete if you won’t try the Frozen Puff Dragon Breath, Cheese Cake, Funnel Cake and the Rastafarian-inspired Fruit N’ Tings.


Ting Irie isn’t shy with their bold flavors or fun modern ideas. The kitchen has the utmost respect for traditional island ingredients and Jamaican dishes and many Caribbean ingredients and spices are imported straight from Jamaica and the whole place is just a lot of fun. You have a small area for kids, they have Jamaican caps and they have an area where you can just chill and have a few drinks. For that space, it’s amazing how they were able to fit all those amusing and entertaining things.


Their staff also are just the coolest. When we first entered, I feel like we were welcomed into a community of fun loving people. The reggae jams are so enjoyable and relaxing and as an after effect, I’m currently listening to reggae mixes of popular songs as I am writing this.


To sum up, I absolutely 100% enjoyed the Friday brunch at Ting Irie. In the heart of Downtown Dubai, on the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard is where lies one of the coolest places on the planet and where you can definitely taste the best chicken in the whole city. If you haven’t been here, you’re missing out on a lot. If you’re looking for great food and fun and the Jamaican experience, you have to check this one out and I promise you every ‘Ting” is gonna be ‘IRIE’.

“Don’t worry about a thing, ‘Cause every little thing gonna be all right” – Bob Marley

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