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Sometimes when you’re lucky enough, you stumble upon a good band and you know in yourself that you’ve found a diamond in the rough. So one day, while listening to some new songs on Soundcloud, I came across this new band called Everywhere and gave their songs a listen.

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A little bit of digging on the web and I learned thatΒ EverywhereΒ is a pretty popular alt rock band in the UK and they have been successful with the song that I have learned to love as well called “Eddie” which has been remixed by another favorite artist of mine, Oliver Nelson.

The band formed in 2012, with Swedish lead singer Max Berga, emailing his bedroom demos to a large number of producers around the world. After a few days of silence, he suddenly received a phone call from Los Angeles. The man on the phone was hit maker Mark Needham. Known for his work with The Killers and Imagine Dragons, he offered the band to fly in for some recording sessions.


Fast forward to today, they have recently released their new EP called Fiction Act, now available on iTunes.Β My favorite tracks are ‘Shades at Night’ and ‘Heroine’. I’m currently playing them on repeat and it’s like a soundtrack to a cool movie and they just wrote the perfect songs for night driving.

Click below to listen and let me know what you think.Β I think they are amazing! It’s definitely a breath of fresh air from all the current songs talking about butts and all. They deserve to be heard by more people! 😎

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