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Palm Garden is an all day International Cuisine Restaurant at Sheraton JBR in Dubai. You definitely won’t miss it because as you enter the lobby of the hotel, you can already set your eyes on it as it is directly linked to the doors leading to the pool and the beach.

The restaurant boasts of having one of the best restaurant-themed nights in Jumeirah Beach. In their website, it says that you can travel the world over a dinner and indulge in delicious meals ranging from Lebanese, Italian to German and Indian. Also, not to miss is the Latin American Brunch every Friday.

I went to visit the restaurant on a Friday where I had the chance to sample their version of the Latin American Brunch. They have added some decorative pieces to the restaurant to make it look like it’s an actual country in Latin America. It definitely added to the ambiance and the feel which complemented the food as well.

I roamed around the hotel for a bit before checking out the food. Just outside the restaurant is a view of the pool and just a few more steps is the beach so I was tempted to go for a dip had I brought my swimming clothes with me but I didn’t so I settled with just looking. It was a really nice view and seeing hotel guests enjoying themselves made me happy as well.

When I finally checked the food out, I saw a lot of the typical Latin American cuisine including tortillastacos, corn on a cob and various salsas and other condiments like guacamole, pico de gallo, mole, chimichurri and chili. The spices are generally what give the Latin American cuisines a distinct flavor and I really did enjoy the food here.

The food were delectable especially the grilled ones. To be honest, it’s not as massive as the other brunches that I have gone to so far but I think they focused on the most important ones that they thought the diners would enjoy. I believe I was able to try every single item on offer and can say that they were really scrumptious.

Latin American beverages, on the other hand, are as distinct as their food and although I didn’t ask for a lot to try, I have to say I really enjoyed the frozen margarita served from this special Jose Cuervo booth. I did ask for quite a few fresh juices and tea and coffee to try and I must say that they were quite good.

Entertainment was also sorted and listening to the tunes of live Cuban music while eating definitely added to the enjoyment of the diners including me. I didn’t understand a single word from the songs but just the happy beat and the fun atmosphere was very relaxing.

When it comes to the service, I believe this is one area where they should give much attention to. I am a bit unsure of their quality because they were just not consistent at all. There was one waiter who didn’t look like he was happy to serve while the other one was eager and enthusiastic. I’m not a very fussy customer so it wasn’t really an issue for me but I just have to mention this because a lot of people don’t think the same way that I do. The service was fine nonetheless.

Overall, I did enjoy the Friday Latin American brunch at Sheraton in Jumeirah Beach. Maybe next time, I will bring in proper swimwear because I’m sure it will be great to eat after swimming and so I would enjoy it more. I can definitely recommend this brunch for the food, the drinks and the entertainment as we did spend a few hours savoring the taste of Latin American cuisine.

The brunch is on every Friday between 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM and priced as follows.

  • AED 255 (per person) Inclusive of food, water and soft drinks
  • AED 375 (per person) Inclusive of food and house beverages

To book, click on this link or call (04) 3995533 or visit their website via this link

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