Guided Tour in Dubai

I think the biggest misconception about Dubai is that it doesn’t have its own culture. Having lived in Dubai for almost 5 years now, one would think that I know a lot about the city or even familiar with most of the places but in reality, I am still very much in awe of the new places that I see and discover every day.

The Emirati Heritage is totally alive and well in Dubai and that is exactly what you’ll get or learn about when you join a guided tour with Nada. Β 

But who is Nada, you may ask? To give you a short background, she is our tour guide who showed us around places of interest in the old Dubai. Nada is a Dubaian who has lived in the UAE for almost 20 years, who loves meeting people andΒ a licensed Dubai tour guide by DTCM. So when I saw her website and profile on social media, I immediately inquired and joined one of her tours.Β 

Some of you might think, if I lived in Dubai for years now, why would I need a tour guide when I can easily explore the city by myself? I say it’s because it’s different when you have someone knowledgeable showing you around.

There’s a certain stereotype about tour guides that makes people think twice before booking one. They can be boring, take you to the typical sights, and run on a strict schedule preventing you from wandering off and exploring by yourself. Fortunately, none of those describeΒ Nada. She was bubbly, fun and gave us ample time to take pictures, explore and discuss the things that we saw and places that we visited.

I have to admit I have already been to the same places where Nada took us but it was a different experience because she was able to explain the history of each and every spot that we visited, therefore giving us a deeper understanding and appreciation of those places.

The tour was mostly in the old Dubai area including museums, souks and creek that involved a lot of walking. But it was fun because you get to meet a lot of cool people from different backgrounds and you just set off on a journey that’s enjoyable and educational as well.

The price per person is 365 Dirhams, which is equivalent to 100 USD. It includes lunch or dinner (1 main dish, water, and tea) as the grand finale. We ended the tour with a dinner at a famous Iranian restaurant called Al Ustad and I am definitely coming back to this place. Not only was it popular, the kebabs were also surprisingly scrumptious. I was surprised a lot of my friends know about the place when I posted a picture of us on Instagram and that just shows how great the restaurant is.

Even the royalties eat here! The crown prince of Dubai enjoying some kebabs at Al Ustad
Even the royalties eat here! The crown prince of Dubai enjoying some kebabs at Al Ustad

So if you’re a tourist wanting to visit Dubai or a UAE resident but don’t know what to do or where to go, I highly recommend you book a tour with Nada. Not only will you learn a lot, you will definitely enjoy the view and the company. The tour gave me a different perspective of Dubai and it also made me appreciate the fact that I’m currently living in this beautiful city.

For more information about the guided tour with Nada, you may visit her website via or follow her on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram via @wanderwithnada


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