The Experience Spa, Ramada Ajman

The Experience Spa is the newest addition to the already successful spa Ramada Beach Hotel in Ajman. It is operated by Al Shifa Spa International, experts in the industry.

The new spa features five treatment rooms and a waiting area with a view of the beach. The spa offers a wide range of massage therapies, body treatments, facial treatments and Moroccan baths.

β€œThe Experience Spa” is a newly-launched brand and concept which aims to provide specialised services underlining relaxation, wellness and beauty. Some of its recommended massages include the Harmony, or four-hand massage, and the Thai Massage with Luk Pra Kob, commonly known as the herbal ball.

I booked the four-hand massage and before even starting, I already felt like a king. Just the thought of 2 therapists massaging me already made me feel like royalty. To explain more about the treatment, it means there will be two peopleΒ working harmoniously to create the ultimate experience of total bliss. This massage is designed to de-stress your spirit, offer total escape and an unforgettable spa journey.

Before we started with the massage, I first toured the rooms to see what they looked like. Each room smelled fresh and clean and was named after different kinds of flowers. They also have a nice waiting area where you can have some tea or drinks with magazines and a TV to provide some entertainment.

Anyway, before we proceeded with the massage, they gave me a disposable underwear to use and soon enough I found myself lying face down the table and ready to be massaged. To be honest, at first I was weirded out by the fact that there are fours hands rubbing my back but after just a few minutes, I immediately felt comfort and appreciated the relaxation brought about by the additional hands.

The problem with the 4 hand massage is that the therapists have to be in sync all the time, with the pressure and the strokes. Good thing, my therapists were well trained and worked like they were twins. They knew where to focus and gave emphasis on my problem areas.

It was the most relaxing I have ever felt in a long time and while lying face down on the massage table, I was actually thanking God for this opportunity and I was praying that it would last longer.

Usually, when I go for massages, I always think that 1 hour is too short and it goes by just like that. This time, it’s different because I felt like they took the time and although I didn’t check my watch, I’m sure that was more than an hour.

Overall, I must say that the experience was very different but was also one of the best I’ve ever had. They say two is better than one and the 4 hand massage with two therapists is I think a testament to that saying. The Experience Spa will definitely give you a great experience and a customized massage. I love the fact that they consider the pressure, room temperature and lighting to ensure everything is perfect.Β I cannot stress enough how I enjoyed that and I felt light after the massage. I felt like I can do anything and I was ready to face life again. I would absolutely recommend it to everyone especially if you’re stressed out as this will definitely give you a boost.

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