Shine Spa, Sheraton Grand Hotel Dubai

Shine Spa is the exclusive brand of health and wellness treatments for all the Sheraton™ hotels. I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about it and so I was very curious to try it for myself. When I finally had the chance to visit Sheraton Grand Hotel in Sheikh Zayed, I thought to myself that I must try at least one treatment.

The Shine Spa for Sheraton™ features a stunning collection of ten treatment rooms including a spacious Private Spa Suite with steam room, sauna, jacuzzi and an ice fountain.

Not only that, they have a very elegant looking waiting area and I actually don’t mind waiting here for a long time. Each treatment room has a twilight sanctuary ceiling providing a haven of tranquility complete with a shower and private bathroom.

So after checking in, I booked a treatment at the 52nd floor. In here, you will be welcomed by their expertly-trained spa associates who exude genuine warmth and hospitality. They were very knowledgeable and depending on what you want to feel after, they will advise the best treatment for you. And since I am stressed, they suggested the Hot Stone Massage.

Hot stone therapy is an ancient practice by Native American Indians as a healing treatment. Soothing heated stones coupled with massage oil help to ease deep-seated muscle tensions, inducing deep relaxation.

When it was finally the time for my massage, I was welcomed by my therapist, Lalu Mukhtar from Indonesia who never removed the smile on his face all throughout the treatment. He guided me to my locker, showed me around the common area and then finally to the treatment room.

The treatment room looked very minimalistic but opulent and luxurious at the same time. They have a fancy looking mini chandelier on the side, a swanky sound system, a fascinating ceiling and a comfortable massage bed.

First up was a foot bath then he proceeded with the hot stone therapy. It was my first time to try this kind of treatment so I was kind of hesitant and nervous and unsure if I will like it. He started with gentle strokes and asked me if the pressure was ok or the music was too loud or the lights were too bright but everything was perfect so I told him to continue.

When it was time for the hot stones to be used, I’ve realized that it’s quite good. Actually, it’s great because it was very soothing and the stones are heated just right. So basically, they use smooth, heated stones as an extension of their own hands. The heat was both deeply relaxing and was able to help warm up tight muscles so he was able to work deeply and quickly.

Just 15 minutes past the session and I already felt totally relaxed. As one stone cools, he replaced it with another. He used many stones of various shapes and sizes – big ones on the big muscles, smaller ones on smaller muscles. He also left heated stones on specific points of my body along the spine and in the palms of my hand as he said it improves the flow of energy in my body.

Fast forward to the end of the treatment, he showed me the stones and told me I can wait and relax in the waiting area before taking a shower as the sweet almond oil has to absorbed by the body.

The waiting area looks like this and as you wait, you are given a nice hot cup of tea and some dates and walnuts. I thought to myself, if my office looked like this, I would work forever. The view was just amazing and the room was so cozy and peaceful.

To sum up, if it wasn’t very obvious, I had the most relaxing time ever at Shine Spa, Sheraton Grand Hotel Dubai. If you’re still doubting if it’s recommended, it definitely is. The treatment is not just a treatment, it’s the whole package. You can use the facilities as well before or after the massage so it’s not just the 60 minutes of massage that you get, there’s a whole lot more. I might sound like a broken record but I absolutely recommend a treatment at Shine Spa. The feeling of being so clean and light and like I was born again was definitely worth the price. I’ve not been to a lot of spas in Dubai but so far, Shine Spa tops my list.

For more info about the treatments and services, you may visit their website –

Sheraton Grand Hotel, Dubai
3 Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 503 4100

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