Sheraton Grand Hotel Dubai Staycation

If I were to describe how my experience at Sheraton Grand Hotel Dubai was, I would probably use the words: luxurious, marvelous, splendid, majestic, superb, first-class, excellent, outstanding and I can go on and on and on.

These words were also running in my head as I stepped into the grand deluxe suite of the hotel for a brief staycation.

Conveniently located at the forefront of Dubai’s most prominent thoroughfare, the Sheraton Grand Hotel, Dubai connects you to the heart of the booming business district, DIFC and the main tourist attractions. The hotel is within walking distance of the World Trade Centre and Dubai Convention Centre and just a short metro ride or drive away from Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai and the gold and spice souk.

I can’t think of a grander welcome than what they gave me. Firstly, as I entered the room, there were flowers arranged in my name. And then when I looked at the TV, it also displayed my name.

And then as I entered the living room area, there was a fruit basket with a personalized letter from the executive chef.

And there were more personalized letters from the front office manager, the spa manager, and the housekeeping manager.

And as if that wasn’t enough, there was an upscale bathtub, a very comfortable King size bed and I’m not sure if they know that I like music a lot but there was a Bluetooth connected sound system. For a second, I did ask myself, “Am I a celebrity?”

The view of the Sheikh Zayed road from above was just amazing. When you’re downstairs, you would hate the chaos, the noise and all the traffic in the roundabout but from up here, it was actually a pretty cool sight to see. I can’t recall how many times I said “Wow” but I’m sure I said it a lot.

Now, it’s time to wander and check out the facilities of the hotel. First up, was the massage at the Shine Spa, the exclusive brand of health and wellness treatments for all the Sheraton™ hotels.

As I entered, I was greeted by the knowledgeable staff who advised on what kind of treatment to have based on what I want to feel after. They suggested the Hot Stone therapy and to read about that experience, click here.

After the massage, I went back to the room to prepare for dinner at their restaurant, Feast. It was a Thursday so they were having Seafood night.

I have been to the restaurant before but that was during the Christmas season and the food was very different. This time, they completely transformed it to match the theme. Of course, as expected the food was still amazing, thanks to their capable and talented chefs.

Plus, the view of the Dubai skyline from outside the restaurant was also incredible.

After the dinner, we went up the Dawn and Dusk bar at the rooftop as they were having Happy Hour until 8:30pm. I wouldn’t miss the chance to enjoy drinks at 50% off and get the chance to just lie down at their loungers with a beer at hand. A lot of guests came in and everyone was just having a great time including me.

It was getting late so I went back to the room and prepared to sleep. I can’t recall the time I slept but I can vividly remember how good I felt when I woke up. I’m guessing it was probably the bed but I did feel energized that day. I wanted to know about the bed so badly and when I asked the staff, they said they’re using the Sheraton Signature Sleep Experience® Bed. I forgot to ask but will definitely call them up to chase and see where I can buy the exact same bed.

I forgot to mention but I didn’t bring any toiletry with me because I thought they must have it all. True enough, they had everything I needed from the toothbrush to the comb to shampoo and soap and basically the essentials.

I skipped breakfast and headed straight to the pool afterward. It was relatively small but the cabanas were just extremely comfy and the area is just the perfect spot to hang out and chill.

Dawn and Dusk is also at the same floor so you can order drinks while hanging out by the pool area. I think I stayed for more or less 3 hours before heading to Feast again for the Friday brunch.

So yes, the staycation was a short one but overall, I was extremely happy and satisfied with the Sheraton Grand experience. From the moment I stepped in to check in until the time I checked out, all I received were warm smiles and the welcoming atmosphere from all the staff. And when I say all, I mean all of them really because as I am writing this now, I am having flashbacks of each and every staff greeting me and asking how I was or simply just checking in.

I usually complain when the service is bad but that is far and away the case with Sheraton. The hotel had me checking all the right boxes from the room to the staff to the food to the service to the style and technology. Sheraton Grand Hotel Dubai truly is living up to its name and if anyone would ask me for a recommendation on where to stay in Dubai, I think you know what my answer would be. 🤓


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