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Ananta is a luxury fine dining Indian restaurant where guests can savour age-old, secret recipes straight from the Maharajas’ kitchens. At the restaurant, guests can also learn the secrets of Indian cuisine in an exclusive cooking class, followed by a private dinner.

Last night, we got a chance to experience just that. When we entered the restaurant, we were greeted by the chefs and led us into a ‘Masterchef-inspired’ show kitchen where guests can watch the talented culinary artists hand craft Indian delicacies in traditional, coal-fired clay ovens.

As soon as we were seated, I immediately noticed the intricate tableware that they use in the restaurant but what grabbed my attention the most are the golden plates. Looking at the table, everything seemed expensive and definitely not something that you see every day.

Before we started with the live cooking demo, we had a chance to order some of their specialty drinks and sample the starters. As expected, they were nicely presented and were almost too pretty to be devoured. But of course, we did try them and they were absolutely tasty albeit too spicy for me.

A few moments later and they showed us how to make a biryani from scratch. I was excited to learn about it even though I don’t know how to cook myself. They used lamb as an example which according to Chef Dirham takes 6 hours to prepare because of the meticulous and sophisticated preparation.

When they finished, I’ve realized that I’m definitely not cooking it and I’d rather stick to just eating the finished product. After watching them prepare the Biryani, I have to say I have a newfound respect for the chefs. It’s definitely not easy and it takes a lot of dedication and practice to make it perfect.

Moving on to the night, we continued the Hyderabad journey with the presentation of the main course/s. The thing about Indian food is, they have a different way of serving the main course. I am used to seeing the main courses served in ginormous plates but in here and in all the other Indian restaurants that I have visited, it’s always different.

It’s distinct because they serve a selection of main courses in smaller dishes together with the staple bread. As a variety, they also offer the popular Indian bread called Nan which I absolutely like and you can dip the bread in the sauces as you like.

We ended the night with a selection of their finest confection. To be honest, I’m not a fan of Indian desserts because when I think of a dessert, it has to be really really sweet and generally, the Indian variance are not like that. Although I have to say I enjoyed one of them because aside from having gold in it, it was also very sweet.

Perhaps one thing that surprised me last night aside from the really good food was the warm Indian hospitality. All the waiters knew what they were doing and were very knowledgeable about their products and I will never forget when one of the waiters called me by my first name as he served the drink. If that doesn’t convince you of their excellent customer service skills, I don’t know what will.

In conclusion, last night was probably one of the best nights I’ve ever had since I started blogging. It’s because the setting was very nice and elegant, I learned something new from the chefs, the staff was accommodating and the food was absolutely great. (although I ordered 3 rounds of the mango lassi to pacify myself) It’s the kind of food that leaves an impression and one that will keep you coming back for more. Believe me, it’s that good!

Ananta restaurant at The Oberoi, Dubai is open for lunch from Sunday to Friday and for dinner, seven days a week. For more info and to book, check their website –

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