Phobia Dubai

Phobia Dubai is a company that specializes in escape rooms in Dubai. It is made up of games in reality. However, this reality doesn’t look like our ordinary environment. Teams will be locked in separate rooms such as an underground bunker, house of a maniac or other unusual place. In order to escape the room, the team needs to complete their mission and they only have one hour to win or to lose.

We had the chance to try two of the rooms in Phobia when The Entertainer organized a bloggers meetup last Wednesday. They invited ten bloggers including me and divided us into 2 groups. The rooms are called The Vault and The Museum so the other group was called Team Museum and I was in the Team Vault.

The team from Phobia Dubai explained to us what to expect, what will happen and what not to do before we started. We were all nervous but excited as this is where we can actually put those problem-solving skills to the test. Who would have thought that those lessons in school will actually be useable in real life?

Anyway, we then proceeded to enter into our expective rooms and we were locked inside. The rooms were brilliantly designed and the puzzles were well thought of and they were so hard, we had to ask for hints quite a few times. There was a timer to remind us how much time we have left and we wasted no time looking for clues. I’m not going to give any spoilers but with teamwork, we were able to open one door then proceeded to the next one.

We lost to the other team because we already heard them shouting and cheering while we were still inside but soon after, we finished our mission and got out of the room. All I can say is it was definitely a mind boggling and nerve-racking experience but I want to try the other rooms to see if we will be able to escape those too.

So who can play these escape games? I think it’s a good activity for friends who do the same thing every weekend. It’s also for families as they can bond over solving the puzzles. This will also be great for companies as it’s a great team building activity. It’s even good for tourists if they want to make the most of their visit to Dubai. And then also for couples as it’s a test of their relationship.

The price to play is only AED130 per person and if you have the Entertainer app then you can avail of their 2 for 1 deal. I promise you it’s the most exciting 1 hour you will ever have and it’s definitely worth it!

Are you interested yet? If yes, then go visit their website – now to book!

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