Le Ten, Dubai Mall

LèTen is a Chinese restaurant launched in Dubai Mall about a year ago. They pride themselves with dishes expertly crafted with its purposeful meaning and story with their culinary team staying true to the art of redefining Asian classics with a focus in the blend of tastes and the freshness of ingredients.

I’ve been here last year but I wasn’t keen on reviewing restaurants back then so since I miss Chinese food, I went back one night to try the new additions to their menu. I was also craving for the classics that keep customers like me coming back for more.

For the ones who haven’t checked out Le Ten at the Dubai Mall yet, it is located on the second floor just beside TGIF. They have a nice indoor seating but I believe customers dine here not just because of the food but to have a view of the fountains as well. The true lovers of Chinese food would definitely not mind where they seat because they come here for the authentic dishes.

The whole restaurant is decorated with, of course, pieces that scream Chinese and red hues all over. It is well lit and they place some nice tunes that are not too loud to overpower the conversations of the diners.

Having tried their food on numerous occasions, I can say that they have been consistent every time I have visited. This time, since it was for dinner, we only ordered the ones that we are sure will be good. It wasn’t the time to experiment on new dishes although we already know that most of their items are delicious anyway.

We started with Lettuce rolls with Japanese Sesame dressing and soup. For the mains, we had the Mongolian beef and the crispy duck roll.

What’s interesting about the duck roll is that they serve it like this which might make you think it’s so plain.

And then the waiter will roll it for you one by one and the finished product will look like this. I’m not sure if it’s the weather or because I took too many pictures so it became cold but I would have liked it more if it was piping hot and already prepared into rolls rather than seeing done before my eyes. I don’t know about you but I’m not fascinated by the anticipation, I just want to eat the food as soon as possible. 😂

The service at the restaurant was ok I guess. I had to wave quite a few times for them to notice me when I wanted to order water. I think it has to do with the fact that the place became quite busy so it’s understandable.


For the prices, I would consider it as mid-ranged. It’s definitely not low priced and also not very expensive so maybe depending on your budget for food, you will find the prices here quite economical.

So for the final verdict. Would I recommend it? Yes. Will you get value for your money? Yes. Will I come here often? Probably no but only for the reason that I’m not really a sucker for Chinese food. But is it a great place to go to? Absolutely, because with a great setting and good food with the bonus unparalleled view of the fountains, you can never go wrong here. Le Ten has been consistent and is a safe choice for your friends and families.

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