Govinda’s Jumeirah

Govinda‘s is a healthy Indian restaurant serving ‘oil free’ ‘gluten free’ and ‘Vegan’ menu options. Actually, it’s a 100% holistic vegetarian restaurant that believes in serving food that’s good for the mind, body and soul.

The concept is based on the Satvik principle (food that the body harmonizes with), so the cuisine teases the taste buds and satisfies your hunger without making you feel heavy. I was a bit taken aback at first by the fact that they don’t serve meat of any kind and not even fish.

The healthy concept is one of the reasons why we came to visit this place. As some of you may know, I love food and I eat out every single night. At some point, I think that they’re all the same so how about something different for a change, I thought to myself. The all vegetarian offerings were a bit of a challenge because I love chicken and meat but then again if you never try, you’ll never know so we went to Jumeirah to try out my very first all-vegetarian meal.

It’s surprisingly easy to find the restaurant. They have a huge signage outside and you can park beside the building easily. When you enter the place, you will see the walls painted with images of their gods and the chairs adorned with neon blue lights. It was zen-like and very quiet with very minimal soothing music in the background.

We opted to sit upstairs as the view is much nicer and so we can have more privacy. The staff were all very accommodating and were well informed about their products. The menu offers a myriad of offerings. There were a lot of options that I think this has been the longest time it took for me to finally decide on what to order. They have an oil free range, healthy, gluten free and the regular options in the menu.

We settled to order one from each category so we can have a taste of everything. I can’t remember the names of what we ordered because they were all very hard to pronounce but here are the pictures of the starters.

For the mains, we ordered these and I can sincerely say that there was never a moment during that night that I craved or missed chicken and meat at all. The dishes were very tasty and scrumptious and it’s always nice to know that they are healthy so no guilt feeling even if you indulge.

We ended our meal with their 100% healthy Tru Frut Natural Ice Cream. To be perfectly honest, they are really good. We tried 4 flavors and we liked each one of them. They are homemade but priced affordably so we really had a great time.

So to sum up, taking into consideration that I’m not a vegetarian at all and I would always say that salad is the food that my food eats, I really got a kick out of that healthy Govinda goodness. What’s surprising is that I actually enjoyed this particular dining experience. I loved all their food and I was glad I tried it finally. Govinda’s is definitely recommended not just for strict vegans but also for meat lovers who wants to eat healthy for a change.

They are running a promotion now and the latest offer is dedicated towards the women of Dubai who enjoy healthy eating and are looking to have a fun luncheon or dinner plans. Every Wednesday, Govinda‘s will host ‘Ladies Day’ where ladies eat for free and only pay for their beverages. This is too good to be true but it is, so call all the ladies and take advantage of this great offer from Govinda’s.

For more info about Govinda’s, visit their website or their Facebook page here.

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