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Have you ever been treated so nicely at a restaurant that you want to come back just because of that? Well, luckily for me, I have. My latest dining experience at The Meat Co. proved once again that more than the food, the warm hospitality and service determines the satisfaction that you get from actually dining in at a restaurant.

I have first visited The Meat Co 3 years ago when I stepped foot in Dubai and my brother arranged a nice dinner for us. We went to the Madinat Jumeirah branch and we were treated graciously by every staff and made sure we have everything that we need. We were even seated in a somewhat exclusive area so it felt like we had the whole restaurant all to ourselves.

Fast forward to present time, since I am reviewing restaurants now, I thought why not visit this place one more time and see if they have been consistent all these years. I booked a dinner at the Souk Al Bahar branch and was really looking forward to some meaty goodness as they are well known for their steaks.

When we arrived, we were guided to our table and to my surprise, they now have a board with the guests’ name written on it. I think it’s a nice touch and a win-win situation for both the restaurant and the guests. It’s easy for them to find the table and it makes the client feel special.

Anyway, before we ordered, Ivana, our waitress for the night explained to us some of their offers and suggested the food to order. She offered drinks first which is the standard and then recommended appetizers to start. We decided we will have Boerewors, the grilled traditional African sausage served with pap and chakalaka sauce and my favorite: Salt & Pepper Calamari which is scored calamari lightly tossed in salt, pepper and spiced flour.

Of course, as expected they were really good. We then proceeded to order the mains and during this time, Ivana talked us through all the kinds of steak that they have. It was like she was having a graded recitation and I and my friend were so impressed. She definitely is a fit for the restaurant and she obviously did her homework.

So we ordered the New Yorker 400g from the great plains of the USA and is their very best prime 150 day grain-fed beef and we also had the natural grass fed Argentinian pampa humeda bred beef Rib eye.

She suggested these so we can have a taste of both and so we can taste the difference between the two. I must admit that I’m not very familiar with the doneness of the steak and I always just want well done because I don’t want to see pink and blood but she said go for medium well because it’s tasty and succulent.

When the steaks arrived, we were drooling and can’t wait to try them. This is not an exaggeration but it’s almost like there was no effort needed to slice the steaks. They were soft and tender and were really savory. We definitely enjoyed them to the last bite.

To finish off our meal, we ordered a sampler of their famous desserts. The portions are smaller so you can try everything and I think this is of great value for your money as you don’t really need a large portion after devouring that steak. I was surprised that even the desserts were delicious, I thought they just got it right with the steaks.

In conclusion, I think that The Meat Co. is always a good choice for when you don’t feel like trying out a new restaurant. Their service has been consistent and so is their food. It is not the best but it is certainly above average and I always leave full and satisfied every time. If you haven’t tried it then you’re missing out on a lot, their signature steaks and impeccable service are what keeps me and other clients coming back for more.

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To find out more about the restaurant, you may visit their website via this link

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