Zayna Spa, Grand Millennium Al Wahda

Zayna Spa is Abu Dhabi’s premium Urban hotel day spa. Located inside the familiar Grand Millennium Al Wahda, the spa offers an exclusive retreat for wellness and beauty with a selection of treatments that’s sure to satisfy each client’s specific needs.

I went here to try the Elemis treatments that they have recently launched. Basically, they came up with some very interesting treatments using the popular Elemis products that they use which provide an immediate effect on the body.

I opted for the treatment called Elemis Stress Away obviously because I feel like I’m stressed out. What it is essentially is a deep rhythmic pressure massage where one can wind down and release the tension of the day. It can alleviate stress, ease aching muscles and revive the senses with this customized massage. The Elemis essential oils play a huge part in reducing specific stress and muscle tension.

Before going for the massage, I roamed around the whole area and was amazed at how spacious it was. It was also very clean and serene and you can only hear the water coming out of the mini fountain in the reception area.

It was so quiet and you really feel like you’re inside a spa with the soothing and refreshing scent as well. They also have separate rooms for couples which are fully equipped with its own bathtub and shower room.

As I continued roaming around, I was delighted to see the lights which change color depending on the mood of the client. I liked the blue one although I knew I won’t be able to see it during the massage.

Anyway, prior to the massage, the therapist gave me a disposable underwear and she gave me a few minutes to change. She started the treatment with a foot bath which was a good way to start and was very very relaxing.

By the way, before we began all this, I was asked to fill up a form to know if I have any sickness that they should be aware of. It also included questions regarding the problem areas that you want your therapist to focus on and the pressure that you desire. It even has a field asking if you mind the therapist talking to you during the treatment. (Just in case you’re curious, I do mind because I want that time to be quiet and we can of course chat after)

So fast forward to the treatment, all I can say is that it was a very relaxing one. My therapist was well trained and did exactly as told. I’m so impressed that since I opted for the ‘Stress Away’ treatment, I really felt immediate effects on my body. You can tell that she knew what she was doing and it’s pretty impressive how she was able to focus on the problem areas based on my answers in the form.

After the massage, you can use the spa facilities downstairs and again, I was impressed. The loungers looked amazing and definitely comfortable. The whole place looks spotless and obviously always maintained.

I tried the jacuzzi and then took a quick shower to prepare for dinner.

As I was leaving, I checked out the Elemis products that they used for the massage because I was dazzled with the scent and the outcome of the treatment. If you’re interested in trying, you may check their Facebook page and I’m sure you will find something that will fit your every need.

Overall, the experience was nothing but relaxing. I wish I had the luxury to do this more often because it absolutely does change how you feel afterward. It’s like you’re ready to face the world again after the treatment. It’s true what they say that we look amazing after a massage because we’re relaxed. And all I can say is that the Zayna Spa experience is a true testament to that, I did feel light and calm after.

Zayna Spa is located on the 3rd Floor of the Grand Millennium Al Wahda Hotel in Abu Dhabi

For more information, you may visit the website here and to book a treatment, you may call 02 495 3822

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