España Restaurant and Bar

España Restaurant & Bar is the newest addition to the long list of nightspots in Dubai. Drawing inspiration from the nightlife of Barcelona and Ibiza, the space inside Jumeirah Creekside hotel is the perfect setting for an unforgettable night out offering a unique experience for the lively and vibrant crowd in Dubai.

As we entered the place, we were fascinated by the interesting decor and the energetic and lively atmosphere. I don’t think I have ever visited a restaurant where I am engrossed by the design and wherever I looked, there was just something that piqued my interest.

I felt though that this was definitely a bar that is targeted to the ladies as the adornment and the color scheme was chic and trendy and they even have a separate bar exclusively for them.

Anyway, the place is massive. You have a lot of options on where to sit. You have the regular bar, a dining area with high chairs, a more comfortable dining area with normal chairs, an outdoor dining area and a somewhat exclusive area still for dining.

There is also a DJ playing some really nice tunes and I love the fact that it is loud but not that loud to prevent people from talking to each other. Me and my friends were able to catch up and talk properly without shouting.

When it comes to the menu, I have to be very honest and say I found the selection of food to be quite limited.  It was lacking the usual suspect, paella but the drinks menu was so comprehensive and probably included all the drinks possible. We asked for recommendations on what to order and the waitress during that night was so helpful in suggesting.

We then proceeded to order the appetizers starting with the cheese platter just because I was born in the year of the rat and I like it, their specialty empanadas, turkey croquettes, and chicken skewers.

Every single one of the appetizers was surprisingly good and without even ordering the main course, I can leave the place satisfied and happy.

But of course, we had to try the mains. We then ordered the Chorizo Spaghetti, roasted chicken, mussels in garlic tomato sauce and the tenderloin steak. The steak was amazing because it was tender and savory and cooked just the way I like it.

And I specifically like the roasted chicken as it was also good but I’m not a fan of the mussels and the spaghetti. I’m in no way an expert in Spanish cuisine so I’m not really sure if that was how it was supposed to taste. I mean, it is good but I think the disappointment lies in the expectation in your head and what is actually served to you. It tasted good but it’s not for me.

What I really appreciated though was the homemade sangria and their selection of eclectic beverages. It was just refreshing and I think I will now look for sangria wherever I go. I wonder if this is what people drank in Ibiza, it must be wonderful to be able to have this every day.

Anyway, moving on to the service, I don’t think you can really find a fault in this aspect. I believe the staff are well trained and know how to treat customers right and they know when to replace the plates and utensils. I think this is a part of the dining experience that is important as it determines how attentive the waiters are. I hope they continue to be like this as it really adds to the overall great dining experience.

To sum up, I certainly enjoyed the Spanish feast at España and I’m already thinking of going back for another fun night out. The prices border on the affordable to mid-range but I truly believe it’s worth your every penny.

I loved the service, the decor, the atmosphere, the music, the food and the drinks and I sincerely hope it catches on and more people find out about this new place as it is pretty incredible. There is a long list of bars in Dubai but I will bet my money on this and I’m 100% sure you will like this one.

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